Can I Run My Caravan Air Conditioner From a Battery?

Considering how to power your caravan air conditioner when you don’t have access to mains power? Your options are a small portable camping generator or caravan batteries… yes it is possible to run a caravan air conditioner from the right RV battery set, but there are a few things you need to know first. Find out more below:

Let’s use The Dometic Aircommand Ibis 4 as an example for our explanation.

The Dometic Aircommand Ibis 4 has an inverter controller compressor so it has a very low start up power draw. It will slowly ramp up to its peak power draw. The peak power draw is around 1400W – 1500W.

Therefore, you could use a good quality 2000W inverter, such as the Enerdrive ePOWER 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave, connected to your battery bank. However, you need to understand the reality of of an RV air conditioners (be it an inverter or a non inverter) power draw.

Say the air conditioner draws an average of 1200W per hour. In a 12V system , that is 100 Amps. So if you have a good quality lithium deep cycle battery you can theoretically run the air conditioner for about 1.5 hours before you need to recharge your batteries. That is the big factor that most people miss. You will need to recharge those batteries and it takes a while to recharge a big battery bank.

If you have a 40Amp DC to DC charger it will take about 3 hours of driving to compensate for charge lost from 1 hour of running your air conditioner. If you are using 600W of solar on the roof, it will take 1 full day of solar to replace that 1 hour of air conditioner running! Now, that is not taking into account any of your other appliances.

Let’s say you have a back up generator with a 60A AC to DC Charger, it will still take about 2 hours of running your generator to replace the lost charge!

So a long story short, you can do it if you are aware of how that will affect your battery storage and charge loss and knowing how to manage that system.

You can get a bigger battery, you could go up to 400Amp of Lithium and run your air conditioner for around 3 or so hours. But that will take even longer to recharge.

If you are just pulling up for lunch and you are doing a lot of driving, you can run your caravan air con unit from your batteries for a short time. Some of our customers do this and as new caravan air con models get more and more energy efficient and lithium battery technology becomes power powerful, lightweight and affordable, we will no doubt gradually see more of this…

But for most of our customers wanting to free camp and use their air con in their van, the best solution is a caravan/camping generator. You’ll need fuel and oil and an extension lead of course, but a good generator will allow you to run your air con for more than 6-8 hours straight without having to worry about re-fueling. In hot climates when you want a good night’s sleep in a cool van, this generator option is therefore most likely going to be the best one.

The Yamaha 2400w Inverter Generator is one of the most popular generators on the market for running a caravan air conditioner.

So overall, whilst you can run your caravan aircon from a battery bank, its important to know how long you will be able to run it and how long it is going to take you to recharge your batteries. It can be done… but often (although not in every case) a caravan generator is the better solution.

Need help selecting a generator to run your caravan air con? Check out our blog post “Running a Caravan Air Conditioner from a Generator” or give one of our product experts a call on 1300 400 122!

We would love to hear about how long you run your air conditioner from your battery bank. Comment below!

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