Best trade generators for the worksite

Looking for the best trade generators? Here at MyGenerator, we've uncovered three generators packed with features and specs every tradie will love. But which one will prove itself as the best worker on a trade site?

It's tough powering up a trade site. The environment and workload is particularly demanding and full of potential dangers. You get bumped and knocked about, and are required to work for hours at a time without a break.

But there are three tradesman generators that take it all in their stride. Brought to market by some of the biggest names in power, Yamaha, Subaru Crommelins and the Honda powered Powerlite, these trade generators have everything any trade site could need. In this article, we look at petrol powered options - if you want to review the best diesel trade generators, you can click here.

Let's take a closer look:

1. Powerlite 8kVA

This generator has all the makings of a tradie's best mate. Powered by the world leading Honda GX390 petrol engine, the generator comes as standard, or in a WorkCover model, which includes earth leakage protection, weatherproof outlets and a robust rollover frame. It delivers a peak of 8000 watts and continuous output of 6800 watts - plenty for powering large and small tools around the job site. You can even add a long-range fuel tank to make it work even harder, as well as electric start option too.

Built in a robust fully welded frame complete with reinforced heavy duty anti-vibration mounts for smooth running. 8kVA tends to be the best all-purpose size on the job site, great for; welders, drop saws, concrete mixers and more. This model is the market's best seller for trade and agricultural uses.

8kva Petrol Generator: for trade and farm use

Powerlite is one of Australia's leading manufacturer of generator sets; assembled in Australia, using leading engines from the likes of Honda and Yanmar so you can be sure the genset will deliver on reliability and quality. Backed by a full two year commercial warranty and national service support network.

Powerlite 8kVA Generator powered by Honda: the recommended all-round choice for trade and farm use.

2. Yamaha EF7200E

We can't help but love this Yamaha generator. Even though it doesn't have the WorkCover approval of many of the other trade brands, it is crammed with features that make it a solid choice for trade and farming applications.

This 6KVA petrol generator delivers a rated output of 5kVA and has a long-range fuel tank for a massive 11 hours of continuous power. Add this to the effortless electric start, handy fuel gauge and digital multi-function metre display and it's easy to see why the Yamaha EF7200E is also a popular choice for tradies and farmers alike. Also used for home backup power during blackouts and for events.

The new Yamaha EF7200E generator is packed with additional features

3. Crommelins 7.5kVA

Housed in a robust heavy-duty frame, the unit is powered by a world-class Subaru petrol engine, with a recoil start and brushless alternator for low maintenance power.

Like the Powerlite model, the WorkCover approved model features earth leakage protection and weatherproof outlets. It also includes other additional extras such as lifting bar, lifting handle and pneumatic wheels.

Again, this unit a great option for the agricultural, mining and construction industries. The only downside of this unit is its price. It sits in the more expensive bracket for trade generators, especially when compares to the Powerlite and Yamaha models above.

Crommelins 7kVA generator comes in Standard and WorkCover Approved model

The Winner?

There is a reason why the Powerlite 8kVA is the best selling generator for tradesmen and farmers alike; it's as tough as teeth, priced very well for a premium product and comes with an expansive service network for support around the country. Tradies can also consider trade generator options from other top quality Australian brands including Dunlite, Gentech and Advanced Power; like Powerlite, each of these brands use premium quality engines and componentry to produce tough, reliable petrol and diesel generators for Australian work sites.

For more information on Work Cover Approved Trade Generators, check the range at My Generator. You can read more about Trade Generators in the following related articles:


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

4 thoughts on Best trade generators for the worksite

11 October 2018
Hi, We are looking to purchase a diesel generator to go in the back of a service ute to power electric tools etc. Could you please help me out with some advice on what sort of generator we should be looking for? Preferably not too large. Thanks, Charlie.

My Generator Response
Hi Charlie, for your described application a popular choice would be a 5 to 7kVA Portable Diesel Generator (subject to the max power draw of your tools). We would recommend a brand such as Powerlite and Genelite which are Australian assembled sets using market leading engines such as Hatz, Kohler and Yanmar. If you require a worksite approved diesel set with earth leakage protection, weatherproof outlets and wheel handle kits then you can consider this range HERE. The above recommendations are portable air-cooled diesel generators designed for short term/standby applications and worksite use running general tools and small to medium equipment. Alternatively, if you require a water-cooled single phase diesel genset for longer run times and silenced canopy then you can consider a unit from this RANGE by the likes of Pramac or Kubota at around the 5 to 10kVA size. These units are designed for longer run times and popular for prolonged back up power needs, satellite offices, road works, small events and for large vehicles.

19 August 2015
Good Day SEAN Thanks for the Information been given by you it is really Useful . I would like to ask you if you can advice what are the best Generator manufactures in CHINA for capacities 2-10 KVA Gasoline and diesel Engines with reliable quality . Thanks Waled

My Generator Response
Hi Waled, in terms of the best global generator manufacturers in that size, the likes of Yamaha, Honda, Pramac etc. nowadays have some presence in China/Taiwan - their headquarters may be in Europe or Japan, but they also have an operational footprint in China or Taiwan for part of their production or supply. Honda and Yamaha are certainly the leaders in inverter generators and also make some excellent open frame portable sets. In terms of generator manufacturers purely based only in China, we could not really recommend a premium, reliable brand (happy to hear from others though?). We used to stock a budget Chinese brand called Lectron - but we do not stock them anymore; they could not be relied upon to provide spare parts. Not considered a reasonable budget generator option, let alone premium option. Relating to trade generators, we would strongly recommend an Australian brand such as Powerlite or Gentech - these units are assembled in Australia and are powered by leading engines from Honda, Yanmar etc. These are the best all-purpose trade, construction and farming portable gensets in both petrol and diesel from 2.5kVA to 16kVA. Hope that helps, cheers!

26 November 2014
What do you think is the best Trade genny in terms of warranty? Cheers

My Generator Response
G'Day Matt - we would say that any of the Australian manufactured sets from brands like Powerlite, Gentech, Dunlite and Crommelins; they are full 2 year commercial warranties on the generator and then an engine warranty is between 2-3 years. These generator brands use top quality engines such as Honda, Subaru and Kohler meaning you can have the unit serviced or inspected by any one of their accredited service agents around the country. Thanks!

23 November 2014
G'Day Sean, thank you for your recommendations. I am looking at the Advanced Power unit predominantly for the worksite, but also wondering whether it can be used to power my computer occasionally if required? Cheers, Ken.

My Generator Response
Hi Ken, and thanks for your question. Because a computer is a sensitive electronic device it requires cleaner power than what a regular trade generator provides. Therefore, it is advised that you have AVR (automoatic voltage regulation) fitted to your trade generator to ensure a more stable voltage output that can run your computer. The Advanced Power 8kVA Generator can be fitted with AVR for an additional $200. This will unit satisfy your normal worksite power tool requirements and with the AVR addition, will also enable you to run your computer. Cheers.

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