Workcover Approved Petrol Generators

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Powerlite Honda 8kVA Generator Worksite Approved

Powerlite 8kVA Worksite Approved, powered by Honda, 2 Year Warranty

$3,599 RRP: $4,620 Save: $1,021

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Powerlite Honda 6kVA Generator Worksite Approved

Powerlite 6kVA, powered by Honda Worksite Approved, 2 Year Warranty

$3,349 RRP: $4,301 Save: $952

1 Review
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Powerlite Honda 3.3kVA Generator Worksite Approved

Powerlite 3.3kVA Worksite Approved, powered by Honda, 2 Year Warranty

$2,449 RRP: $3,124 Save: $675

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Looking for the best diesel worksite generators? Choose from our wide range of worksite generators for your business including models by including Genelite, Gentech, Dunlite and Crommelins. We stock petrol generators packed with features and specs that fit worksite requirements and are Worksite Approved and come with the safety features that are essential for work on construction/demolition sites.




Features Of Petrol Worksite Generators


What do you get with worksite generators? Generators in the Petrol Worksite Approved Range come with Earth Leakage Protection, weatherproof outlets, RCD safety switches, circuit breakers and a rollover frame. These features are necessary safety features for work sites in Australia. Petrol worksite generators also offer additional extras that are handy for all tradies and people who work on site, including a lifting bar, lifting handles, pneumatic wheels, and other safety features.



Rugged Petrol Worksite Generators You Can Rely On



We only sell the top brands of worksite generators, including Genelite, Gentech, Dunlite and Crommelins. The Genelite generator is powered by a Honda engine and is worksite approved. Genelite portable generators are built tough for trade, commercial, farm and general backup power needs. They come with weatherproof outlets and RCD plus a recoil start. Whether you need portable power for farming, industrial work, mining, or construction, the Powerlite range of petrol generators has it covered. For small power tools and equipment, check out the Dunlite 3.3kVA generator. The RCD protected outlets are Worksafe approved and comply with Australian Standards.



Our range of worksite generators come in a huge range of sizes, so you're sure to find the best one for your budget and business.