Francis Robertson, Norlane, Victoria

On January 9th, 2020, I ordered the above generator and 70A Generac Automatic Transfer Switch, which I received in January 22nd, 2020. At approximately 0245 hrs, the generator sprung into action after loss of on line power failure due to a 4 WD vehicle failed to take a bend in the road and dismantled the light pole supporting a transformer and caused the transformer to cut off power to approximately 700 plus residences to be blacked out in our area. The power was restored at 1115 hrs. We were so grateful that the standby generator handled our power requirements adequately and consolidated our confidence in the purchase of the generator and Transfer Switch. I have always had the policy as a cold call salesman in my younger days, that, quality lasts long after price is forgotten. Also it is important to have it and need it, than not having it and needing it, no matter the product. Thanking you for a great product, Francis Robertson.