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New Caravan/RV products and technologies are being released all the time, so it pays to know what's out there that may suit your rig. Let's find out more:

Caravan Hardware:

Windows & Doors:

It is important to invest in high quality doors and windows for your caravan as they are the main entry points into your vehicle. They also act as a barrier against harsh weather conditions.

When replacing caravan windows, you will need to ensure you have the exact dimensions of the cut out. Also be sure to get the model number of your current window, for Dometic / Sietz S4 and S7 windows this is printed in the top corner

Our recommended caravan windows & doors include:


We highly recommend adding an awning onto your caravan for additional space and to enjoy the great outdoors (while staying shielded from the harsh Australian sun). You can also add a privacy screen or annex to your awning if you are wanting to enclose the space.

Our recommended awnings include:

Caravan Covers:

A caravan is a big investment which is why we highly recommend using a cover to protect your van from the harsh Australian environments. The last thing you would want to occur would be premature aging or major damage to your recreational vehicle.

To choose the right cover size you will need to measure your caravan – this is a relatively simple process. To calculate the caravan length, simply measure the caravan’s body parallel to the ground, measuring from the rearmost to the foremost point of the vehicles body. It is also important that you DO NOT include the A-frame, tool boxes, bumpers or gas bottles in these measurements. This is because these can put unneeded stress on the cover and runs the risk of tearing and shortening the life expectancy of your cover.

Our recommended caravan covers include:

Vehicle Accessories:

Towing Mirrors:

Having towing mirrors on your vehicle is not an option but an essential! Towing mirrors will allow you to view the entire length of your caravan and help monitor other vehicles in your blind spots.

Our recommended towing mirrors include:

Pro tip: to assist further with blind spots and reversing consider adding a reserving camera to your setup such as the Dometic PerfectView Reversing Video System

Brake Controller:

A brake controller is such an important accessory in your setup for one massive reason - safety! The brake controller is mounted to your tow vehicle and sends an electric current to the electric brakes in the caravan to make them operate.

Our recommended break controllers include:

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Levelling Ramps:

Levelling ramps might not seem like a necessary accessory but trust us when we say sooner or later, you will need one! When your sink will not drain properly or your fridge door swings open, you’ll realise the ground you’re camping on isn’t as flat as it appears! That is where the ramp comes into play.

Our recommended levelling ramps include:

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