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Many caravanners are replacing their old 3-way gas fridge with a 2-way compressor fridge! Let’s find out why:


Compressor Fridges Over Absorption Fridges:

Cooling Power: compressor fridges provide more consistently cool temperatures compared to a gas fridge. They also perform better in hotter, tropical environments.

Convenience: a compressor fridge can be run from 12/24V battery source, 240V mains power or a generator.

DC Battery Power: compressor fridges run far more efficiently on DC battery power than absorption fridges.

Terrain: most compressor fridges perform well on uneven terrain, whereas absorption fridges need to stay on level ground due to the gas flow cooling system.

Installation: 3-way absorption fridges must be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gas fitter. Whereas, a 2-way compressor fridge can be installed as per the product manual.

Safety: If 3 way absorption fridges are not installed correctly, they can pose a safety risk.


Our Caravan Fridge Recommendations:


Installation & Operation:

  • Compressor fridges come with installation instructions from the manufacturer. These can be found in the product manual or installation guide.
  • For optimal fridge performance, we strongly recommend allowing a minimum of 10 - 20cm behind the fridge / cooling unit.
  • We also recommend having an extractor fan or installing a top and bottom vent if possible, this will force the warm air generated by the refrigerator to escape.
  • Many upright caravan fridges will come with a mounting kit, which allows the fridge to sit inside the cabinetry and gives a flush professional finish.
  • Installation guides for our recommended models:
    • Dometic Waeco CRX Range Manual
    • Bushman DCX Fridge Product Manual
  • Many of today’s popular upright DC 12V fridges models will only draw 1-2 amp hours per hour (in ambient temperatures of around 25-30°C) meaning they won’t quickly drain your camping batteries like the models of yesterday. To see how long you can run your upright fridge and other camping appliances from your battery and solar set up, check out our handy calculator here:

    Solar Calculator


Maintenance Tips:

Looking to extend the life of your caravan fridge and ensure it is working at maximum efficiency? Check out our blogs below:

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