Quick Checks for Fixing a Generator

Having problems getting your portable generator started? The experts at My Generator have some quick checks that might easily solve the problem.

Check 1: Fuel

Insufficient fuel is one of the most common causes if generator failure. Before you do anything else, check the quantity and quality of fuel. Fuel can degrade while in storage which may cause the engine to clog.

Check 2: Oil

Most portable generators have this covered with automatic oil checks that will shut down the generator if the oil level gets too low. You can also check the oil level with a dipstick and add oil to meet the full level.

Check 3: Load

When a generator is overloaded, it simply cannot produce enough power for the appliances. Bear in mind that certain appliances draw more power from a generator when they’re starting up than during operation. So, while the generator may be able to power the operating load, it might not be able to handle the start-up load. Temporarily removing some items easily solves the problem. Then simply add them gradually, one by one.

Check 4: Fuses and Circuit Breakers

 Is your portable generator running but not generating power? Check the fuses and circuit breakers. A short-term solution to the problem is to reset the breaker and replace any blown fuses. However, you also want to prevent this from happening again, so we recommend trying to find out what caused the problem before restarting the generator.

My Generator’s Top Tip: The best way is to prevent problems with your portable generator is to always operate it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to take the necessary steps to service and maintain the unit. Treat it like your car – give it a regular service and replace any parts that might be showing signs of wear and tear...dnd always use good quality oil and fuel! Check out the helpful video below of a customer demonstrating how to change the oil in an inverter generator: 

Customer shows how to change the oil on a Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator


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