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Powerlite Warranty

Powerlite Generator Warranty

What is the warranty cover on Powerlite generators & Goliath lights?

✓ All Powerlite Portable Generators come with a 24 month (from the date of original sale) warranty and the Alternator come with a 12 month (from the date of original sale) warranty.  For engine warranty, check the details of the specific generator model - Honda GX engines come with a 4 year warranty, other engines like Vanguard, Hatz, Yanmar have 2 year engine warranties. 

✓ Goliath Professional Worklights come with a 12 month (from the date of original sale) warranty.

✓ FG Wilson Generators come with a 24 month (from the date of original sale) standby application warranty.

These warranties are subject to inspection by Powerlite, authorised service agent or the manufacturer.

Where can I get warranty work done on my generator if needed?

Powerlite have a very comprehensive service department located at Kings Park, NSW or they can advise you of the closest service agent to where you are located. Simply call 1300 436 738.

What happens if I overload a generator?

Generating sets should never be overloaded, but are designed to take an overload condition of a very short time during start up of large element motors. If a set is running for long periods of time with an overload (that is a rating above the maximum rating of the set) there are various things that may occur:

✓        Overheating of the engine

✓        Overheating of the alternator windings & components

✓        Oil viscosity (thickness) breakdown, which results in low oil pressure and most probable costly engine failure

✓        A shortening of the working life of the generator

What happens if I underload a generator?

Engines are designed to operate under varying load, which ranges from maximum to minimum. In relation to diesel generators it is recommended they run at a minimum of 60% load, this insures the engine runs at maximum efficiency. A diesel engine that operates on a light load for long durations runs the risk of glazing the cylinder bore. Should this occur the engine will not hold high loads, it will use excess oil, and blue smoke will be visible from the exhaust. The engine then may require costly major repairs. 

Petrol engines are normally not effected by light load running.


Powerlite Lighting Warranty