Portable Generators Brisbane

When it comes to power, there’s nowhere that needs portable generators more than Brisbane. From camping and events to construction and storms, Brisbane’s two million plus inhabitants probably have the most diverse power needs in Australia. 

If you live in Brisbane, here’s why you should invest in a portable generator:

Preparing for the Extremes

Storms, floods, cyclones, extreme heatwaves; Brisbane has suffered a growing number of natural disasters in recent years. Portable generators help people keep their food fresh, appliances powered up and families safe while the power is out – which can be anywhere from one day to several weeks. Portable generators also power water pumps in the event of a flood.  

On the Road

Because Brisbane is the gateway to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, portable generators are also used for camping trips, caravanning, 4WD touring, fishing and more. A portable generator can power small appliances and devices to make every outdoor adventure more comfortable.

Outdoor Events

Brisbane has become a real market town – people across the city flock to the famous Jan Power's Farmers Markets for all their fresh regional produce. In the summer months, Brisbane residents also enjoy night markets and a Moonlight Cinema. None of these would be possible without portable generators to help keep the power flowing.

Food Vans

The street food movement is taking Brisbane and Australia by storm. Portable generators are a reliable and convenient source of power for food trucks – no matter whether they serve tacos, pasta, paella or burgers.

Work Sites

Brisbane has more than two million inhabitants, and it’s still growing. With all this construction comes a need for portable generators – especially on the more remote sites where mains electricity isn’t available. It’s no wonder, then, that in Brisbane, contractors form one of the largest groups of portable generator users.