Petrol vs. Diesel Generators Perth

Diesel generators supply more than 50% of the electrical demands of the mining industry in Australia. Why? Because diesel generators are unmatched when it comes to providing cost-effective, fuel-efficient and robust power supplies that even the most extreme heavy industrial and mining applications can rely on.

Why choose Diesel Generators Perth?

Tough Choices

While you can buy a diesel generator for domestic and recreational use, they show their true power with larger loads, especially those found on construction and mining sites in Western Australia. The different types of diesel engines are perfectly suited to tough industrial and commercial applications, whether you choose a two cycle or four cycle, air-cooled or liquid-cooled.

Fit for Purpose

Not only are diesel generators available in a wide range of specifications and sizes, they can also be customised for specific applications including mining sites.

Maximum Fuel Efficiency

Diesel generators use about half the fuel of a petrol generator on the same load. This means the fuel cost per kilowatt of power produced can be 30 to 50% lower than their petrol counterparts. This makes a diesel generator the smart choice for heavy construction and mining sites.

More Safe & Low Maintenance

Unlike petrol engines, diesel engines don’t start with a spark ignition – the fuel auto-ignites. Without spark plugs or spark wires, a diesel generator requires less maintenance than a petrol generator. Plus, diesel has a lower volatility rate than petrol, making it a safer option for Western Australian mine sites.

Extra Long Life

One of the drawbacks of petrol generators is that they reach higher temperatures, which leads to more wear and tear on their parts. With heavy use, this means more frequent and more costly maintenance, and a shorter life span than diesel generators.

Advanced Power and Crommelins build robust and reliable diesel generators specifically for the Australian mining, construction and hire industries. Check out the full range of Diesel Generators to suit your needs.