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Low-cost Alternatives to the Honda Generator eu2000i and eu20i

The Honda eu20i and Honda Generator eu2000i are considered two of the best quality generators in Australia. However, for many, the price remains a barrier.

 At My Generator, we have two popular alternatives that offer similar benefits to the Honda EU series at a fraction of the price:

 Bush Power 2000w Inverter Generator

The latest release in the Bush Power inverter generator series, the genset is the smart choice for your caravan, camping or boating holiday, as well as powering your tools and electronic equipment around the home. 

Housed in ergonomically designed casing, the genset is powered by a highly efficient 4-stroke engine. Inverter voltage control regulates the electrical output for a clean, stable electrical supply suitable for sensitive electronics, such as computers and other appliances with built-in computer functions. Plus it features optimal fuel efficiency for a continuous running time of up to six hours.

Bush Power (a subsidiary of Matson Group) warrants its Inverter Generator products to be free of defects for a period of 2 years. 

Lectron 2000w Inverter Generator

The Lectron 2000W produces just 58dB at a distance of four metres, making it ideal for recreational and domestic use. It boasts a run time of 9 hours at 50% load and operates on normal unleaded petrol. Additional features include the economy mode, which allows for the engine speed to automatically adjust in proportion to the required load, so fuel efficiency is maximized. Two 240V 15A outlets and a 12 volt DC battery charger outlet. And like the Honda Generator eu20i and Bush Power 2000w Inverter, it also generates a clean sine-wave current without surges.

It produces 2000 watts at peak and 1700 watts continuously, so if your appliance(s) draw over 2000 watts at start up, you will need to consider a larger model, such as the Lectron EC3500  

This unit is fully imported from China by an authorised Australian distributor who provides a 2 Year Warranty.

Looking for quality and value for money?

Both the Lectron 2000w Inverter Generator and the Bush Power 2000w Inverter Generator cost under AU$650 – around one-third of the price of the Honda 2000 watt Generator.

The bottom Line?

If you only intend to use your generator infrequently as a back-up power reserve on your camping/caravan trip or at home in case of blackout, then a good Chinese brand such as Lectron represents a good value for money option. However, if you intend to use your generator more frequently, then a premium brand such as Yamaha or Honda would be a better option - they come with 4 year warranties and a national service network of accredited service agents... you can justify the higher spend, given the higher use!


Choosing between a cheap generator and premium brand generator