Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator

There are a number of important features you need to be sure to look out for when buying your generator, but the most important is determining the right sized generator to ensure you enough power to run your appliances. If you need to determine what size generator you require, then we recommend reading our Generator Buyers Guide which provides a step by step example to help select the right size.

After you know what size you need, some other important factors to consider when buying a generator are:

  • Noise level…Check the decibel levels and ensure the generator muffler is good quality so that it doesn’t sound like a V8 engine – this is especially important for recreational applications like caravanning/camping. Inverter generators are the quietest on the market, making them the first choice for recreation use. Their quiet operation also makes them popular for home use, but keep in mind the inverter technology often makes them cost more than most other portable generators. Refer to the below Noise Level Table to see how quiet inverter generators can be:
  • Fuel tank capacity and litres per hour of usage… You want a generator that is fuel efficient, but also one that holds a decent amount of fuel. Some generators adjust their engine speed (RPM) based on the load demand for greater fuel efficiency. Both fuel efficiency and fuel tank size will affect the run time. You can find the generator run time under the spec details for each unit.
  • Many recreational users will require their generator to charge their batteries, so a 12 volt DC battery outlet is important in this case. This allows them to switch the generator off during the night and still have 240V power supply to their appliances….
  • Electric remote start…this helps in situations where you don’t want to walk all the way out of your caravan to turn on your generator.
  • Cheap Budget Brand Generator or Premium Brand Generator...this is one of the most commonly asked questions by customers; do you opt to save some money and buy the cheap lesser known branded generator, or pay extra for the premium brand - the following video explains the differences you need to consider:
  • Choosing between a cheap generator and premium brand generator

Finally, for the more trade specific and industry related applications, there are additional points for consideration such as compliance with WorkCover requirements. These aspects include such things as; earth leakage switches, weatherproof outlets, earth spikes and leads, and circuit breakers.

For WorkCover approved generators and other specification options to meet your industry standards please visit the Tradesman Range.

So there you have it... Those are some of the simple but yet common mistakes that many people just like you make every day. Mistakes like these can be costly both in time and money. For more helpful information see our free report: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Generator.