Honda Generators Melbourne

One of the most liveable cities in the world, Melbourne is home to more than four million people. It’s no secret that Melbournians are some of the most discerning consumers in Australia – whether it’s coffee, clothes or Honda generators Melbourne residents take their time choosing the perfect product for their needs.

Here’s a quick buyers’ guide to choosing the right Honda generator:

Which fuel?

For portable generators, the real choice is between petrol and diesel. Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than petrol engines, providing a longer running time. Some diesel engines consume up to half as much fuel as their petrol engine equivalents. In the past this has meant diesel engines are typically louder than compatible petrol engines, though recent technology has changed.  

Power Play

The benefit of a portable Honda generator is that it can provide power for a whole range of applications – from your latest renovation project to your campsite, right through to providing essential power for lights and audio equipment at outdoor events and markets.  

Power Outage

Due to unfortunate natural disasters, homes and businesses in Melbourne and its surrounds have suffered more and more power outages in recent years. As a result families and business owners need a Honda generator to rely on when the grid fails.

Power Size

Ensure your Honda generator will handle all your power requirements so you don’t risk costly damage to your devices and the generator. If you’re not sure how much power you need and how to work it out, visit the Generator Buyer’s Guide at the top of the web page.  


My Generator sells Honda Powered Generators provided by Australian manufacturer: Advanced Power (minimum two-year warranty), and Australian supplier: Gen Power (minimum one-year warranty).

The full range of Honda generators can be searched through the generator categories particular to your need. All units can be delivered to your Melbourne home or business address.