Growth in Generator Sales Brisbane

In recent years, Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate has resulted in more and more tropical storms and major flooding events. As a result, back-up power is driving the biggest growth in portable generators sales Brisbane has ever seen.

Why has demand increased?

The increasing frequency and extremity of weather events has caused a massive surge in demand for emergency backup generators in Brisbane. For example, in the immediate weeks and months after the January 2013 storms, customers flocked to online retailers and bricks-and-mortar stores. Suppliers could barely keep up with demand.

The generator sales Brisbane seen mirrors the same phenomenon caused by Hurricane Sandy in the United States. Just before Sandy hit in October 2012, generator manufacturers experienced an unprecedented growth in sales of portable generators. Hurricane Sandy cut power to 8.5 million homes in 11 states, and it took many weeks for the power to be restored to many of these homes. During this time, Caterpillar dealers and Honda Motor Co. reported that they had to shift stock and hire extra staff for two months to boost production and meet demand.

Generators now a must-have

In Brisbane and the United States, the onslaught of storms has highlighted how unstable the power grid can be. After Hurricane Sandy, manufacturers say that homeowners now regard generators as a necessity rather than a luxury item. People are better aware of the need for standby power, both for residential and commercial uses. And with generators starting at only a few hundred dollars, people are willing to make the purchase – just in case. 

Staying Safe with Generators

With the increase in generator sales comes an increase in safety warnings. Brisbane electricity companies and government bodies now actively promote the safest ways to use a generator, warning people of the risks if they don’t use take care. But when used according to the manufacturers’ instructions, generators are providing Brisbane inhabitants with the peace of mind they need.