Generators and Life off the Grid

Living off the grid is becoming an ever-more popular choice for Australians. While there are many things involved in living off the grid, one of the main factors is no dependency on the power grid. As a result, the off-grid lifestyle has many environmental and financial benefits.

One thing making it easier than ever to unplug from the electrical grid is generators. 

Living off grid doesn’t mean you go without power; it means you don’t take electricity from the grid. People living off the grid will use alternative energy sources such as solar, the majority of the time – but they also rely on a quality generator for back-up power.

Extra power when you need it most. Some people who live off the grid will use a portable 3500-watt portable generator to power up extra appliances, such as tools for jobs around the home, and a larger generator to power major home appliances should the alternative sources of electricity run out or fail.

Be prepared. Living off the grid means you need to be prepared so you are never in the dark. For example, if you’re relying on solar power, you most likely won’t need generators during the summer. But when the cooler months set in and the solar panels produce less power, generators will become a convenient source of back up to your battery packs. You can check out our auto-start generator range which is specifically designed to complement solar set-ups: these units automatically kick-in when the battery packs are running low.

Know your generators. If you’re living off the grid, it pays to know your generator, its possibilities and limitations. Research various generators from the best generator brands, such as Crommelins, Subaru, Yamaha, Honda, Pramac or Hyundai. It’s worth doing your research to ensure you get a power generator that will last longer and will meet your needs. Check out our Generator Buyers Guide for more information.