Why You Need a Portable Generator During a Natural Disaster

In Australia we’re no strangers to natural disasters. You only need to think back to the Queensland floods of 2011, the Black Saturday fires or Cyclone Larry to remember the devastating damage and trauma caused. 

Despite this, many homes and businesses still do not have a portable generator they can rely on when disaster strikes. Since the next few years promise to be just as turbulent as the last for cyclones, bushfires and floods, it’s essential homeowners are taking the right steps to prepare their home. This includes buying a portable generator. But you don’t need to invest in an expensive backup generator – a reliable portable generator can also provide the power you need. Here’s why:

Affordable and convenient: Portable generators offer a more affordable option, when only a few vital electrical items are needed during a power outage. These generators are smaller and can be quickly and easily wheeled out of the garage, even in the dark. It’s important to remember that with portable generators, they should never be run inside the home or any enclosed area, where deadly carbon monoxide gas can accumulate. However extension cords can be easily connected to portable generators and run inside to power appliances like a refrigerator, hot water heater, lamps, TV, and computers.

Power the essentials: A portable generator will also help you power your home essentials, such as a refrigerator. During a natural disaster, you can’t just pop down to the local store to get food. A fridge goes a long way to ensuring you can eat fresh food. In the case of the Queensland floods, homeowners used portable generators to run a sump pump and remove water from their home.

Stay safe: A portable generator can solve most of the safety issues that you may face during a natural disaster and the following blackout. You can keep the lights on when you use a portable generator during a power outage, which is an important consideration for the elderly and families with children who will struggle moving around in the dark. As well as reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, this will also reduce the risk of crime. 

Stay informed: In order to stay updated during a natural disaster, watching television or listening to the radio is mandatory. For example, in the Victorian bushfires, people use the radio and television to find out the direction of the fires and what the authorities are advising to do next. This may be impossible without a portable generator.

Stay in touch: With a portable generator, you will be able to keep your mobile phone powered up throughout the emergency situation. While most devices can keep working for days without charging, in an emergency, you make a lot more calls than usual and will quickly drain the battery.

In order to select the best generator for yourself and your family, you first need to determine how much power you would need in the event of a power outage. Next check the manufacturer information for each appliance to find out the wattage of your necessary appliances. A portable generator could be your best option in an emergency so long as you stay aware of your energy consumption, and don’t overload the unit.

Most importantly, don’t wait for a natural disaster to hit before you purchase a portable generator. There’s no guarantee you will be able to get to a store, and even if you do, they will quickly run out of stock. Be prepared and purchase one in advance.