Generator for Cyclone Season

Are you taking steps to protect your property and business from cyclones?

Power outages are a natural part of a cyclone situation. Just ask anyone who experienced Cyclone Yasi. It can be days, weeks or even months for the power to be restored after a cyclone. In that time, homeowners and business owners alike need to find a way to make their lives as comfortable and safe as possible.   

Be prepared! - If your home or business is in a cyclone-affected area, you should always be prepared for the worse. First, put together a back-up power plan. Then, do your research and select a portable generator that can meet your back-up power needs. Portable generators can be used to power essential equipment, including:

Home Comforts

A generator will provide the home comforts you need during an emergency, such as lights, electronics and air conditioning. By keeping lights running, you can ensure your family and business aren’t put at risk by intruders.

Fresh Food

When it comes to food, no power can make life tough. A generator will help you power a refrigerator to keep your food and drinks fresh. A good tip is to not open the freezer or refrigerator once the power goes out – this will keep food fresh for longer.

Stay Connected

In times if an emergency, it’s crucial you know what’s going on and are connected with the outside world. A generator can help you keep a radio and television powered up, as well as mobile phones.


A power generator can also help you avoid other problems, such as keeping your pump running to keep floodwaters at bay. Pumps are often also essential for properties at risk of being affected by Bush Fires.

Business Power

Portable generators are also essential tools for Australian businesses. Every business – no matter its size – should be protected with a backup power plan that includes a power generator. In the cyclone aftermath, a generator can not only help maintain important databases and intellectual property, it can also provide power for lights so that staff can move to a safe place.

The range of generators available to suit the above requirements include small units able to power a few essential domestic appliances, right through to larger units specifically designed to back up mains and solar power.    

For more information on back-up power generators, check out the My Generator buyers guide for a unit that will suit your cyclone preparation plan.