Gen Power Generators



Gen Power Generators are a budget brand generator built in China, distributed by AGR Machinery. The Gen Power Generators are not suitable for regular, intensive use or for commercial appliactions. 

Genpower Generator


Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before the Gen Power concept took off; tens of thousands of happy and well-equipped customers quickly made Gen Power Australia’s leading online generator brand. This has allowed further product development and expansion, and there are today Gen Power generators and inverters for everything from household backup and motor homes to construction and camping.

True to the original concept, Gen Power’s products are still entirely focussed on functionality and economy, tailoring every design to the particular needs of different users.

Conventional brushless generators are built to withstand the pressure on worksites, featuring reliable and high power output in a tough frame; AVR generators are quiet and fuel-efficient; and the inverter generators produce pure-sine-wave power to run the most sensitive loads, such as computers and other high-tech electronics.

And there are capacities to suit all situations – from 1250W lightweights right through to 9kVA workhorses. All Gen Power generators come fully imported from China.

All GenPower’s products come with a 12-month Australian warranty, and should you ever experience an issue, spare parts are readily available through their forthcoming customer service. Once you invest in a Gen Power, you will see why the name is so appropriate and why this brand has become so popular with Australians; Gen Power simply Generates the Power to do what you want.