Engel Fridges & Power Products

Engel Portable fridge-freezers have an excellent reputation in Australia. They are trusted for their great reliability, tough construction, superb performance and longevity. Thousands of units, some built in the 1960's still operate today keeping food and drink cold or frozen throughout Australia. Engel Portable fridge-freezers have been well known for their range of chest type fridge freezers however they also have a range of built in or freestanding upright units suitable for caravans, camper trailers, motor homes, boats, buses, four wheel drives and wherever else your imagination takes you. These "Uprights" also are powered by the famous Sawafuji Swing Motor that has been the heart of the Engel Portable fridge range we have grown to trust over many years.

Engel’s product range also includes their foldable solar blankets. These solar blankets are the lightest, most compact and most portable solar solution for any camper; they fold up just like a picnic blanket and weigh less than two kilos. They are essentially indestructible (cant shatter like the glass panels can), they are weather resistant, and are used by the US military.


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