Crommelins Power Equipment

In the hire, construction or mining industries, there are three boxes a generator needs to tick:

  1. Provide power for as long as you need it
  2. Robust design to withstand extreme conditions
  3. Support and service to ensure that, should anything go wrong, you can have the generator up and running again in no time.

There’s one name that ticks every box and stands out above the rest for commercial grade generators: Crommelins.

7 Quick Facts about Crommelins Generators

  1. Crommelins is Australian owned and run
  2. Crommelins has been building generators for more than 50 years
  3. Over 40 different petrol and diesel powered generator models are on offer
  4. Crommelins brand generators are powered by Subaru Industrial Engines and Honda Engines.
  5. Crommelins boasts award-winning spare parts, backup and support service
  6. Crommelins petrol generators range from 2,000 to 10,000 watts and will power most equipment for the hire, agricultural, construction industries, as well as the recreational market
  7. Crommelins diesel generators are low maintenance heavy-duty industrial generators suitable for mining and oil sites, boating and marine applications.

Made for Australian Industry

Crommelins branded products are all assembled and tested in Australia for Australian users. Every generator is designed and made specifically to withstand the harshest Australian conditions and work environments before being test run at either the Perth facility or FHI factory.

Crommelins generators can also be specified depending on industry requirements. For example: for the hire industry, many Crommelins petrol generators can be built with a full hire pack (wheel kit and handles, central lifting bar, weatherproof outlets, earth leakage switch, circuit breakers and an earth spike and lead).

And because the generators are assembled and customised in Australia, Crommelins spare parts are easily accessible. In fact, they are delivered within 24 hours to all Australian capitals. So if your power does go down, it’s never for long.