Choosing the Best Portable Generators for Sale

Portable generators give power when and where we need it most. With such a vast range of portable generators for sale, it’s critical you buy the right machine for your application needs and budget.

 Tips for researching and buying your portable generator:

1. Work out your peak-wattage needs

To work out how much power you need, check the owner's manual of appliances you want to power and note the peak wattage. This is how much power it takes to run at its highest level of power consumption (usually at start-up). Add up the numbers for all the appliances you want to run. Then look for a portable generator with a peak output higher than this total. To give you an approximate guide, refer to our Wattage Estimation Table at the bottom of the page for an indication power draw for some common appliances.

2. Do you need an AVR?

AVR stands for Automatic Voltage Regulator, which is used to help the machine maintain consistent voltage output under varying loads. It’s advisable to choose a generator with this feature for more sensitive equipment as it will prevent voltage spikes and surges that can damage appliances.

 3. Running time?

The run-time is how long the unit will run on one tank of fuel. It is typically based on a generator running at half capacity, and will depend on the size of the fuel tank and how hard you run the machine. The number of hours you need will depend on how (and where) you plan to use your generator.

 4. Which features will increase the generator’s efficiency?

Look for a generator with an economy mode or an electric throttle. These will help you get more power for longer by adjusting the engine speed to meet the electrical load, reducing emissions and fuel use when you don't need full power.

5. How about basic safety features? 

At the very least your portable generator should include a low-oil shutoff, to protect the engine from damage if it runs too low on oil, and outlet covers to protect plug-ins from dust and the elements.

Need more advice on choosing between portable generators for sale? Check out our learning centre.


Wattage Estimation Table