Choosing Diesel Generators for Sale

Diesel generators are growing in popularity in Australia and around the world. Whether you’re looking for a domestic portable generator or a heavy duty generator for a construction site, it pays to know what to look for in diesel generators for sale.

Benefits of Diesel Generators

The main advantage of diesel generators is in the fuel itself. Diesel generates much more power for less cost, and is safer to store because it is not as volatile as petrol. Diesel fuel is a light-grade oil, meaning there’s less friction and therefore less wear and tear in the engine. As a result, the diesel engines have a longer life than their petrol equivalents, making them a popular choice for trucks, trains, farm equipment, heavy machinery – and of course, generators.

Silent Diesel Generators

Noise has long been one of the biggest drawbacks in generators, especially those that perform well in every other respect. But advances in diesel generators for sale today means they now feature whisper quiet designs – extensive noise shielding, muffler systems for the engine exhaust and sound-proof casing often comes as standard in generators made by Yamaha, Honda, Crommelins, Advanced Power, Gen Power and other leading generator manufacturers.

Types of Diesel Generator for Sale

Diesel generators come in a range of models and specifications suitable for various applications – from domestic to construction use. Portable diesel generators are a popular choice for power in remote locations, such as work sites or campsites, for shorter periods of time. They are also versatile for use during a power outage, allowing homes and businesses to power essential equipment.

The properties of diesel fuel means diesel generators are also ideal for construction and mining industries. Manufacturers are constantly pushing the design boundaries of generators to suit the toughest work environments in Australia.

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