Buyers guide to Portable Generators Perth

With a weather forecast that rarely deviates from 30 degrees, sunshine and blue skies, it's no surprise Perth-siders love the great outdoors. 

Be it camping, 4WD touring, fishing or hiking, it's important you choose the perfect portable generator for your next outdoor adventure.

Five essential things to look for in Portable Generators Perth:

1.      Easy to Transport

Whether you're camping or 4WD-touring, you need a portable generator with a compact and lightweight design. It needs to be light enough to carry from the car to your site, and compact enough to fit in your car boot with the rest of your gear.  

My Generator recommends: The Bush Power 1500w inverter generator comes in a handy compact design and weighs just 15kg.

2.      Extended Running Time 

A longer running time means you don't need to worry about continuously refilling your generator's fuel tank. Look for extra features such as an "Economy mode

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