Bog Out Warranty

 Bog Out has over 10 years experience, with their product both bade and tested in Australia. They provide a compact, reliable and safe solution for your 4WD. 


Bog Out Warranty Statement:

We warrant that care and diligence has been taken to provide each BOG OUT device free from defect. In the unlikely event that a product is manufactured improperly, or if materials used are defective, we will offer a full replacement of your device for a period of 12 months from the date of your purchase.

A replacement will not be made unless you:

  1. Supply us with a copy of your receipt evidencing your purchase; and
  2. Provide us with evidence to our satisfaction of the defect.

Nothing in this warranty attempts in any way to exclude any non-excludable warranties or guarantees implied by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).


The brand Bog Out distribute includes:

  • Bog Out