New CFX3 Dometic VS Engel MT-V Fridges

Dometic vs Engel - when it comes to camping fridges, who does it best?

Dometic has just launched its new CFX3 range, which definitely gives Engel's MT-V fridges a run for their money.


Let's Take A Look At The Details:


Dometic's CFX3 range includes single zone and dual zone models, with sizes ranging from 36 litre up to 94 litres.

Dometic is known for its innovative technology and being ahead of the market. Its old CFX95DZ model was the most popular camping fridge on the market! It was superseded with the CFX395DZ, which is tough to beat.

Dometic CFX395DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge Freezer, 94 Litre


That said, Engel fridges are known to never die! Their durability makes their portable fridges extremely popular with farmers, bush folk and campers. Engel's MT-V fridges include single zone and combi fridges with sizes from 32 litres to 80 litres.


The Question Is, Who Does It Better?


To help you decide on the best models for your rig, we put Dometic's CFX3 range and Engel's MT-V fridges head to head in a battle of the best fridges.


Dometic vs Engel:


Camping Fridge Style:

Dometic's CFX3 compressor fridge freezer range offers six new models: 3 single zones, 1 single zone with ice maker and 2 dual zones. The 75 and 94 litre fridges are both dual zones - two independently temperature-controlled zones means you can set one as a fridge and the other as a freezer, or both as fridges, or both as freezers!

Engel fridges include combi models. The difference is a combi fridge only has one temperature control and uses a divider to split the fridge into two sections. Cold air overflows from the main compartment into the second to keep one as a freezer and one as a fridge.

A dual zone fridge, like those that Dometic offers, gives more flexibility, as you can choose how you operate the unit depending on the trip.


Fridge Materials:

When it comes to comparing Dometic vs Engel, you need to look at materials. Dometic uses polypropylene. The fridges have an XOS skeleton, which is a single piece of plastic that covers the surface, known as a single engineered surface. This makes it highly impact resistant to suit rugged outdoor conditions while also being lightweight.

Engel, on the other hand, uses metal. They can handle being knocked and bumped around in a 4WD or Ute. They are exceptionally durable. Plastic portable camping fridges will never be as tough and strong as steel, but they are stronger than they've ever been.

But steel comes with a trade-off - they tend to be heavier than their polypropylene counterparts.


Compressor Technology:

Dometic CFX3 models include the genuine WAECO compressor. Each model contains the brand's new Variable Motor Speed Optimization VMSO3' compressor, which means it has the ability to change the speed it runs at depending on its conditions and variables.

The VMSO3 compressor combined with active gasket technology, which retains cool air, ensures low power consumption across the entire CFX3 range. Plus, you get peace of mind that it's been tested in Australia's harshest climates and terrains.

Can Engel match this? Well, their fridges include the Sawafuji Swing Motor. This slick peace of kit only has one moving part, which is the reason behind their famous longevity!


The Best of The Rest:

Let's talk about features. Dometic brings all the bells and whistles. We're talking Bluetooth/Wifi enabled models, USB ports, and a smartphone app to control the fridge. One of the most exciting and impressive new features is the built-in ice maker in the CFX355IM model! This is a world first in camping fridges.

How do they do it? The fridge features a rapid freezer plate which forms ice in two silicon trays, which are secured by the ice tray compartment. That's right - you can actually make ice on the road!

When it comes to features, the Engel fridges keep it simple. You can expect a switch for the interior LED light, lockable door latch and strong reinforced baskets. In short, Engel fridges don't dabble in anything that takes away from their strength and durability.



There's no competition of Engel vs Dometic here: both fridge ranges provide 5-year warranties with national service agent support.



There's not much in the price difference, though Engel is slightly pricier if you compare like for like. Another thing you can compare is whether a value add, such as a cover or icebox comes free with the fridge!


The Verdict:

We love both! Whether you decide on Dometic or Engel depends on whether you want a fridge with high technology (choose Dometic) or you'd rather a fridge that can handle some more knocks (choose Engel). Either way, you're getting a high quality fridge from a high quality brand.


Still can't decide? Check out our range of portable fridge/freezers or give our friendly product experts a call on 1300 400 122.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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