Fix A Portable Generator

How To Fix A Portable Generator

How To Fix A Portable Generator

Ever tried to start up your portable generator only to be greeted by the sound of silence? Here’s How to Fix A Portable Generator.

Don’t panic. There are a number of quick steps you can run through before you dig out the receipt and call the professionals.

1.      Check the Fuel

We know; it’s like being told to check that the kettle is plugged in. But one of the most common reasons for portable generator failure is simply that it might not have sufficient fuel. Especially if the last time you used it was last year. As well as checking the quantity of fuel, be sure to check the fuel quality as fuel can degrade while in storage. If this has happened and it has clogged up the engine, you might need to call a mechanic for help.

2.      Check the Oil

Many portable generators feature automatic oil checks and will shut down automatically if the oil level becomes too low. Check the oil level with the dipstick and if necessary, add oil to meet the full level.

Check that the oil level is full

Also check to see if you generator needs an oil change. Within the product manual of your generator, the manufacturer will recommend the frequency of an oil change. Below is a good demonstration of a customer changing the oil on his inverter generator:

How to change the oil in your inverter generator

3.      “Field Flash” a Portable Generator with a Battery

Sound complicated? It simply means jump starting the portable generator (Note: only attempt this with condenser style generators not inverter generators). While in storage for a long period, the magnetism in the generator’s rotor can diminish, reducing its ability to produce electricity. A small current from a battery can quickly resolve this problem.

Field flash is a simple jump starting technique used in case a portable generator fails to start normally. Use a battery and connect the wires from the generator to the battery correctly (negative to negative, positive to positive, wires are usually colour coded). Remove the spark plug from the generator, and pull the starter cord to get it working.

4.      Check the load

One common problem is that a generator is overloaded and simply cannot produce enough power. Each portable generator is designed to handle a specific electrical load, which should not be exceeded. What many people don’t realise is that certain appliances draw more power when they’re starting up than when they are in operation. The generator might be able to power the operating load, but not the start-up load which could be anywhere up to five times higher. Solve the problem by removing some of the items temporarily. Add them gradually, waiting for one to settle into operating mode before adding another.

We’ve tested a range of Generator Engines to find out the best performers

5.      Replace Fuses and Circuit Breakers

If your portable generator is running but not generating power, it may have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Resetting the breaker and replacing blown fuses will easily solve this. However, to prevent this from happening again, try and work out what caused them to trip or blow before restarting the generator.

6.      Generator Is Running But There Is No Power

If the generator is running, but you are not getting any power, chances are some internal setting or the motor might have been damaged. To check on this, keep a voltmeter and ampmeter handy. Find out what the correct readings ought to be from your generator user guide and check if the meters are giving a congruent reading. If not, then it is most certainly an internal issue, which needs the expertise of a professional to fix. So, call in the experts!

The best way is to prevent any issues from happening in the first place is to take necessary precautions and maintain your portable generator. Ensure that you do proper and timely servicing of the generator, even if you don’t use it all that regularly. Also replace any parts that might be used above and beyond their usual running life. And finally, remember to use good quality oil and fuel as they circulate through the entire engine coming in contact with many different components.

Still need help? 

Check out this helpful video for maintenance checks on your generator:

Pat Callinan’s top 5 checks for maintaining your Yamaha generator

If you are still having problems with the generator or don’t feel confident going through the steps above, it’s best to seek professional help. This will stop you from further damaging the generator or voiding the warranty. For more information, contact the team at My Generator.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

Sean Connolly

Sean is the co-founder and Director of My Generator (mygenerator.com.au) with a keen in interest in the outdoors and power products.

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171 thoughts on “How To Fix A Portable Generator”

    1. Hi Chris, if your generator is signalling overload and won’t start, it could be a low oil sensor and you will need to check the oil level.
      If your generator is running but won’t produce power, it could be that the appliances you are trying to start are too big for the generator and the circuit breaker has been tripped (which can be re-set)…or your inverter board may be damaged, in which case you will need to take it to a service agent to be inspected; check your manufacturer’s warranty card for details. Hope this helps, cheers!

        1. I am having the same issue I took it apart cleaned the carburetor then see if it was that. It wasn’t. I checked if I had spark then we didn’t. And then we went to put it together and my teacher was like let’s check the spark again and then we had spark out of no where and then we put it together fast and it ran for like 10 seconds and died out. And it only starts every 5 seconds. I checked fuses, oil, gas, spark and it’s still having difficulty. I think it’s the coil.

      1. Hi buddy! I have a ipower yamaha engine generator (2000w) and it seems like the gasoline don’t go through the carburetor,what you think its the failure?

    2. I have a Champion 1800 watt generator that I have given a service to that runs 30 minutes and then quits. It runs smooth but only runs 30 minutes at a time.

    3. Hy!
      I use to have same issue with a friend of mine inverter generator( it was on overload every time it started). After tearing it appart i notice in the muffler a small metal filter. I took it out remove all the carbon and gum that it have with carburator cleaner and put it back again . problem solve! Since then when the light of overload came on it was just a matter of cleaning that small filter at the end of the muffler. ( it is a max power inverter)
      Hope this help you .

      Greetings from Puerto Rico

  1. Hi . I recently bought a hyunda 2000 si . It starts up on the 1st or 2nd pull . Problem is if I stop the engine , then try to restart it then it refuses to start . When I try it again the next day it again works 1st time . Any ideas .

    Thanks .

    Eddie Sweeney .

  2. Hi

    My generator was not used in a very long time and when I tried to pull start it, it does not start. I have tried to check but can’t seem to get it started. Please assist.


    1. Hi Sudish,

      When a generator is not used in a very long time, often it wont start. There are several things that could be the problem. First, if it is a petrol generator, then the fuel may have gone ‘off’. You need to start the generator with fresh fuel and ideally fresh oil. You should also check the spark plug as this could need replacement. Other things to check are the air filter which could need cleaning or replacement, as well as the spark arrestor.
      You can read our FAQ page here which may provide additional help, or also watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dwDsMRXJTE. If you still have trouble starting your generator, then you may need to take it to a local small engine specialist or approved generator service agent. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I have kibii 8kva petrol generator, earlier everything was okay but now when i start it, it runs for 1 minute then it display ‘prealarm, under frequency shutdown ” and then it goes off. please advise!

    1. Hi Didas, unfortunately “Kibii” is a generator brand we don’t stock or know much about, except that they are a Chinese brand. For the kind of issues you are having, you would have to contact the dealer you purchased it from, or try and contact Kibii directly (if they have an Australian presence). Thanks, Steve.

    2. Hi Didas! Check you oil sensor. Remove your oil sensor connection and then start. When it runs try to connect oil sensor wire. If it goes shut down then your oil sensor is gone. Remove its connection permanently.
      Another issue is that check your spark plug . If it produces continue spark or not. Turn off fuel, remove plug and touch a wire with spark plug. See that it produces blue spark continuously or not.

  4. I have a Pulsar 1200 2cycle generator, brand new it starts up for a minute then it shuts off and this process just keeps repeating. It won’t hold its choke. Any advice on what to do with this. I must not be doing something right?

    1. Hi Tamar, we are not familiar with the brand or type of generator you have so our advice would be that you contact the retailer you purchased it from or take it to your local service agent for inspection. Thanks, Steve

    2. Hi Tamar! Check you oil sensor. Remove your oil sensor connection and then start. When it runs try to connect oil sensor wire. If it goes shut down then your oil sensor is gone. Remove its connection permanently.

  5. Hi, I have 2.5kw generator. Since two days I have clean the filter, spark plug and changed engine oil. After this my generator starts and then turn off. I have checked all connections. It give accurate voltages and also pick the load.

    1. Hi Farooq, given you have undertaken some of the key generator checks and it is still not working, then we would recommend you take it to your local service agent for a technical inspection. Thank you, Steve

  6. Hey,
    Had the same issue. Turned out to be a vacuum pressure in the gas tank. Loosen the gas cap and try again. If still no improvement, spray with starting fluid until the fuel supply builds back up (keep spraying and tying to start it).


  7. I have a coleman 7500 generator. I changed the oil and dumped out the old petrol and put in fresh with a little mystery oil spark plug, seems okay. New battery but in turning the key there seems to not be enough to get it revved up to start it kinda starts making a little noise so I back off it is like not enough energy for the motor to turn and get compression to turn I think the piston . I am not a mechanic, right now I am winging this for the technical part that I do know. Is there a reason that I am missing something?

    1. Hi Diane, it seems you have done a good job undertaking most of the basic checks. We’re not a retailer of the Coleman Generator range so aren’t intimately familiar with the specifics of your model and given you are still having trouble, I’d advise you to take it to your local approved service agent for inspection. Thanks, Steve

  8. I have a brand new Honda 6500 electric start. I just completed full maintenance on it having not used it for more than 2 years. I tried to recharge the battery with an 8 amp car battery charger and now the electric start is completely dead. I have come to realize that I should have only used a 1.1 Amp charger so I bought a new generator battery and still nothing. I know I fried something but not sure what. Any ideas?? Thanks

    1. Hi Dan – bit of a tricky one. With battery charging, it is always recommended that you use a battery charger as the charge is then properly regulated… without a proper battery charger you run the risk of damaging the batteries with an unregulated charge. Now that you have a new battery and are still having issues, I’d be inclined to contact your local approved Honda service agent; they’ll be able to troubleshoot or perhaps inspect the new battery its functioning properly with the iGX390 engine. Cheers, Steve

  9. Hi I have purchased a 4.4kva Gentrax Generator as a back up on a small farm. Is there a limit to the time i can run this sort of generator?

    1. Hi Emmanuel, we don’t sell the Gentrax, but we have had experience with some of the budget brands from China in that size. We’ve tested them running a few fridges for around 15 hours continuous use (roughly 2 full tanks of fuel) and some brands stand up to it fairly well. When you start going longer than that, we’ve found there can be overheating issues on occasions. They aren’t designed for long term continuous use – only infrequent use up to a few tanks of fuel at a time. People do run them for longer, but again, its not what they are built to handle.
      If you want an inverter generator option around that size for longer run times, I’d suggest you look at the Yamaha EF2800I which comes with an 11 Litre Fuel Tank.
      Cheers, Steve.

    2. Hi Emmanuel we have the same one but have lost our manual is there anyway you could email me a copy please thanks for the assist regards Joann

  10. Hello,
    My Honda EU 6500IS Invertor Generator won’t start or turn over.
    The generator refuses to turn over from the starter battery or when being pull started. It only has a few dozen hours on it, if that. I just put fresh fuel into an empty tank and charged the starter battery. Oil level is good. Spark plug looks great.
    Pull starting doesn’t sound like it is getting anywhere at all. Starting with the battery doesnt turn over or sound like it is even trying to start.
    Could use some help. Thanks

    1. Hi Brendan, thanks for your question. I’d double check the oil level to start with as the generator has a low oil sensor – this is a common problem that stops generators from starting. The other thing could be the fuel – was the generator in storage with fuel residue? If so, was a fuel stabilizer used? After those checks, I would then contact a Honda Service Agent if you are still having the issue – Here is the Honda Service Agent directory link: http://dl.hondampe.com.au/Default.aspx?d=P/E
      Cheers, Lachlan

  11. Hi. I’ve been given a Gentrax GT4000. The engine runs fine (seems a bit loud & fast) but runs smooth.

    However, the overload light always flashes even with nothing connected & the power outlets turned off and when I connect anything there is no power output (12v or 240v)

    Any ideas?

    1. Hi Kieran, Thanks for your question – from what you have described, it sounds like there could be a problem with your inverter board. This can be a common problem with the cheaper Chinese inverter generators (like Gentrax, Fuji etc.) – the engine will start and run, but there is no power output. You could contact Gentrax to inquire about a replacement inverter board, but often the cost is prohibitive and it may be more practical to buy a new Inverter Generator. Hope that helps – cheers.

  12. Hi i have a ryobi 1100 watts petrol generator and is burning spark plugs like in 2-4 days, can i get some help why its doing this?

    1. Hi Shamir – this could be many things; wrong plug, incorrect gap fitting, engine problem. Difficult to tell without inspecting. I’d be inclined to take it to a local small engine service agent that is willing to work on ryobi generators. Thanks.

  13. I have a pulsar generator and every time we pull to start, it turns on for a couple seconds then turns off. Need help!

    1. Hi Krystal – sounds like it could be a low oil sensor, so check your oil levels. Or, it could be an issue with the fuel line – check that fuel is getting through properly. These two basic steps are a good starting point and can often solve the issue you are having with your generator. Cheers 🙂

  14. Hi
    I have a Gentrax 2 Kva Generator for about 12 months now….its not missed a beat…I do however agree it is on the cheaper side of generators and is run as such. My question is this, I was running it on standard unleaded fuel all of its life from new, a few weeks ago I accidently put in 98 octane unleaded fuel and whilst this will make it run hotter it has developed a problem where if you choke it as normal it runs within a few pulls. However when I turn the choke off the engine dies…..would this be due to the higher octane fuel…(personally wouldnt think so). I took off the carbi and checked for blockages etc, it seems to me when I open the choke it gets to much air and dies. But when I again close the choke it seems to run close to normal……..Lost with this one….Dan

    1. Hi mate,
      I was reading through the q & a’s here and saw that no one responded to your… dilemma. Did you get it sorted?

      If not, right it’s highly unlikely it would be fuel for two reasons:
      1. the general rule of thumb for internal combustion engine, (certainly with small engines) low speed/ idle is fuel, high speed air.
      2. I read a post else where that and some Americans and Aussies on youtube have suggested using premium brands of unleaded fuel works best with generators.

      May I suggest cleaning the air filter also check the inlet manifold for cracks and carb and carb manifold for cracks?
      It’s also possible as I write this that the higher octane fuel requires a different air – fuel ratio, which normally sits at 14.7:1.
      To combat this check in your manual (if you have one) which screw on the carb regulates the air flow, and adjust accordingly. It will however void your warranty (if you have one) so most “professionals” won’t suggest this.

      The other possibility is the spark plug isn’t up to the task, try using a blow torch (trust me a gas cooker doesn’t work too well) and remove the spark holding it in a socket, heat the pin (end of the spark plug) until it starts to glow red, allow to cool slightly, maybe one or two min, then reinsert the spark plug, then attempt to start with half choke, if not may need a better spark plug .

      Hope this helps

  15. Hi,I have Hyndai Model #HGS 3500,is there any technical trick to lower it’s noise without effecting it’s engine life.
    2) I use natural gas which will lower its life but can you let me know the ratio of natural gas and petrol can be used to protect its engine life.
    3) Can we use any portable generator on continuous running for 2,3 days without rest?

    Your prompt reply will be appreciable.
    Warm regards
    Engr: Asad Shah

    1. Hi Asad, we don’t recommend making technical amendments to a generator as this can cause issues with the unit and void your warranty.
      Portable generators are not designed for continuous operation day in, day out. For this kind of power source, you would need to consider a diesel generator that runs at 1500rpm and is designed for continuous operation.

    1. Hi – this could indicate that the appliance you are using is faulty and therefore the safety switch is tripping. If you have nothing plugged in and the switch is tripping, then you would need get the switch inspected by an electrician / service technician. Thanks.

  16. Hi, I have a Gen Power GP-SDG6500S it’s a 3 phase unit and has been working fine using a distribution board connected to the 3 phase outlet. Last night it just stopped supplying power (volt meter shows zero when it is usually at 420) it did not trip the breaker and the diesel engine continued to run, I can still start and stop the engine and it runs freely. Could failure of the automatic voltage regulator cause this? Is there a test I can do to determine if the wiring has failed?

    1. Hi Gavin – it sounds like a possible issue with the alternator. From our previous experience with the Gen Power generators, this was not an uncommon issue. You may have to speak to the Gen Power dealer (edisons.com.au) regarding inspection. Cheers

  17. 2 Months ago I have Purchased an Electric Start (Self Start) Generator. Since 2 days My Generator is Starting By Pulling The Cord But Won’t Start When I Use Self Start. The Battery and the Starter are in Good Condition. What Should I Do????

    1. Hi Shah – if it is not a battery issue, then sometimes the auto-choke in these electric start units can be causing issues. I would look at that in the first instance. Thanks – good luck

  18. I have a Mishta X2500i inverter generator that runs smoothly when it is started but when I connect an electric kettle to it, the unit runs for about 15 seconds then stalls. Any suggestions

    1. Hi John – we often get customers contacting us about issues they are having with a generator running their household kettle. The main issue is that a kettle actually draws more power than most people expect – an average household kettle will draw around 2200 -2400 watts (sometimes more), and will need this level of power draw the whole time it is boiling. So it sounds like your generator can handle the draw for a short period (the generator’s maximum peak capacity), but cannot sustain the required kettle power draw for a continuous (or rated) period. Thanks

  19. Hi, we just bought a kipor kde6700 ta for $200, it has a p-07 error code which is a charge fault issue, I put a multimeter on the battery when running and there is no charge going in so I figure this is the problem and was hoping you had come across this? it is a companion product and they are useless and have no real intention of helping me source whatever it is that is wrong… it also needed an oil sensor (P-01 error code) and it was easier to buy one in states for $63 delivered which was cheaper and faster than dealing with them (or through an authorised agent). For the money I spent it is worth fixing so any help would be appreciated. Regards

  20. Dear My Generator Team,
    My 3 kva generator which is causing problem since a few days. It start normally, but does not generate power. First time it start generator power after two tries without doing anything. But after a week no more power generation. It stared working after cleaning the brushes & rings . Next time even cleaning does not work unless I flashed the generator with 12 volts battery.

    Now its not generating power even with the flashing. After changing The brushes it worked but only for 3 days. Then again worked with the flash.

    My question is that why its happening again & again?
    Is there any permanent solution?
    Should I changed to AVR also?

    1. Hi Habib, its hard to say without knowing the type of generator/alternator etc. you have. Typically if a generator starts and the engine is running but it is not producing power, there is a problem with the alternator, or even issues with the outlets. You should also check that you have not tripped the circuit breaker by overloading it…In any case, I would suggest you take it to a local generator service agent for inspection if the problem continues.

      1. Make sure that when you turn it off; that you have nothing plugged in or even turn off the breaker before shutting the generator off.

  21. I have a 3.5kva gentrax that looks to have blown caps on the AVR. Does anyone know where i can buy a new board or even a wiring diagram to figure out which parts are blown? cheers, Adam

  22. Hi. I have a Power Max – Tiger Model IN2500i Inverter Generator which has not done more than 10 hours running. It has been idle for a couple of years and was operating when last used. I started it to use it and it started easily and the auto-throttle works fine, however it has no output, either AC or DC, and after about 20-30 seconds of running the “Overload” annunciator lights up. My manual does not mention any fuses and there is no “Reset” switch or button visible or mentioned in the manual. Do you have any advice please?

    1. Hi Tony, generally if the generator is running but producing no power, then it may have been overloaded (power draw from the appliance(s) greater than what the generator can produce) and therefore the circuit breaker has been tripped (which can easily be re-set for most models)…or your inverter board may be damaged, in which case you will need to take it to a service agent to be inspected; check your manufacturer’s warranty card for details. Cheers.

  23. Hi my generator pull cord is hard to pull. When I take spark plug out it is easy to pull. When I put it back in, it gets hard to pull again?

  24. I have a GenTrax 1.2kVA and the pull start is jammed . Sometimes it will pull a small amount but mostly not at all. Can I get the required part anywhere and can I fix it myself? Alternatively where in Brisbane can I get it fixed?

    1. Hi Neil, for the Gentrax brand, you can contact a company called Outbax Camping, who import these generators from China: https://outbaxcamping.com.au/
      Unfortunately this is a brand that does not have national accredited service agent or spare parts support. You will need to go through the distributor (Outbax Camping) to see if they can provide you a spare part or have the unit sent to them for repair.

  25. I’ve been using a Ryobi RIG2000, but now won’t start as no spark. The overload light comes on (NOTHING CONNECTED!) if turned over fast enough eg with sparkplug out. Manual says the overload auto resets after load removal (even though it was working prior to being stored for a few months). Still under warranty I think, but anything I can do re this? Oil is all OK.

    1. Hi Phil – if you have fresh fuel and plenty of oil and it won’t start, then you may need to take it back to Bunnings (the exclusive retailer for Ryobi). Ryobi dont have national accredited service agents like Honda or Yamaha, so you may have to take it back to Bunnings and see if they will repair or replace under warranty.

  26. Hi, We have an Aldi 3kw petrol generator (yes I know!) but it has worked perfectly on site and has run a fairly beefy drop saw without difficulty…..until now when it trips out using the same piece of equipment, whilst operating fine on lesser loads. To my ears it seems to be not running as strongly as previously.


    1. Hi Nick, tough for us to advise as we don’t sell the Aldi units…those cheaper Chinese models are often difficult to diagnose and finding a service agent willing to inspect and work on it may not be easy either…Hopefully someone on this forum can shed some light? Cheers

  27. Hi, i’ve got a Wolf Professional WPX2800 3200 Watt Dual Voltage 230v 115v 6.5HP 4KVA 4-Stroke Petrol Generator.

    And i’m trying to run a small pressure washer Nilfisk C120 6-6 PCA X-Tra with a 1400W motor.. but it doesn’t work correctly.. the Generator isn’t tripping out but the washer has little to no power and the motor spins once every 10/12seconds.

    Any advice would be great! the genny is brand new so is the washer.



  28. Hi,
    My 2.5kw generator keeps sounding as if its on choke even when you remove it from choke. Kindly tell me what the issue may be?

  29. i have a furman 3800 genset..all are running but the voltmeter does not reach the 220v line..pls help..were where recently hitted by typhoon nina..thanks.

  30. I just bought a 800 watt earthquake generator and I have 3 light bars on my boat. One runs 144 watts and the other two 125 range. They are rated for 10-30 dc and this is a 12 dc outlet. Everything starts up fine. I wait a minute to plug the lights in and they run 15-20 seconds and cut off. The dc circuit protector keeps shutting off. Every time I push the dc circuit protector they come on for the same as before and cut off. I don’t know what the problem is the rated load is 700 watts and this is not close to that. I don’t know what is wrong. If you have anything that can help me. Thanks Tyler.

    1. Hi Tyler, we are not familiar with that make of generator but in our experience, using the DC outlet from inverter generators for prolonged periods is not always recommended. The DC charge is not regulated and it is designed only for a trickle charge for a short period (such as kicking over a flat car battery). I’m not sure if that is the cause of your issue, but it s worth keeping mind that your DC capability on your generator is not intended for sustained running of appliances. Thanks

      1. Tyler

        If your Generator DC circuit protection breaker trips it may indicate a problem with the circuitry of your light bars, such as a short circuit. Have you tried running some other low current draw appliance from the DC outlet to see how the DC protection reacts?

  31. I have a customer who says they are pulling the cord on their inverter generator, but feeling no resistance and it won’t start? Any ideas as to why this might be?

    Thank you! Your site is great!

  32. Is your Inverter Generator actually being rotated when you pull the cord. Several possibilities. Could be the sprag clutch not engaging, could be (but unlikely) that the spark plug has become loose enough to allow sufficient leakage as to not start. I presume the starter cord retracts when released. A bit more info would be helpful.

  33. Good Day I am lookin for a scamatic elecrical diagram for a Ryobi model rg-6900 engine starting side ,my dog got hold of the wires cumming out the bottom end of the control panel please help Regards Nico

  34. I have a Ryobi RYI 2000T generator/inverter. It starts and runs great, but the fuel tank had a leak so I took the unit apart and fixed the leak. Upon reassembly I found a part that I hadn’t noticed while disassembling. I believe it is the “Bridge Rectifier” from the drawings I’ve seen. I don’t know where it goes or how it mounts. It has what appears to be a mounting flange with a hole on one end. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is the only thing keeping me from buttoning this up. Thanks.

  35. hi, pls help me out here, I tried servicing my generator cause there was no compression, I cleaned the valves and installed everything. The generator starts but over fires like crazy, I put it off immediately and tried starting it again, same issue, I’ve completely run out of ideas as the tunning screws doesn’t seem to work. I really need assistance from the house, thank you all in advance.

  36. G’day. I’ve got a Honda APH33RS1 3.3kVA. Is there any way to get new parts? A fair bit of the plastic parts are broken as well as the single phase sockets.

  37. What would cause a generator to start in weather 40 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer but not in 39 degrees or under? This is a small portable generator MCI 2500 (watts).

  38. Hi,
    My generator runs but but as soon as I plug something in the generator kicks down to really low revs it produces power but a low power how can I fix this?

  39. Hi Admin,

    My gasoline generator suddenly dropped voltage to 100v. The correct voltage is always 220v. Upon switching off and trying to restart, it completely failed. Kindly advise on the possible solutions of the issue.
    Thanks in advance

  40. I have a Sportsman 3000 that when I start it, it will output voltage for about 10 – 20 then even while its stays running it will stop outputting a/c voltage and I made sure it did not trip the overloads.
    Any ideas on what could be wrong?

  41. ‘hi,, ive got a IM800i inverter generator ,, it starts but only runs for less than a minute on choke before stopping,as soon as I turn it too Run* it stops and won’t start ,it won’t start on Run only on choke, I’ve check the stark plug, cleaned and replaced ,checked fuel lines, I’ve tried everything I know and nothing is helping,,, any advise,,,, many thanks Wozzer

  42. Hi, I bought a Grip 7.5 KVA Petrol Generator for my 2 room flat, when the power is out i use it to run my fridge, dstv, tv and 2 x 220 to 18 watt fluorescent tubes. I just tried to start it after about 6 months, using the battery and wont start so i started it manually. It is running but I am not getting any power from it. The V.F.T. METER goes on and of on and off. It worked in November with no problem. Why now all of a sudden? I got it cheap about 2 years and only used it about 5 or 6 times for about 4 hours at the longest. What could cause to suddenly not give power properly?

    1. Hi Simon, it sounds like you have either tripped the overload breaker (by drawing too much power) which can be reset, or the alternator is damaged. If its the former, revert to the product manual to reset the breaker. If its the latter, this would require inspection from a qualified service technician. Thank you

  43. I have a Ryobi 2000 Generator and the switch has three settings – off/stop, start, run. According to the manual the start position also engages choke. Should start with a couple of pulls, let engine warm up, then move to run position. I have two problems. 1. It will NOT start cold without removing the spark plug and putting some gas in the cylinder. 2. When it does start and warms up I can not move to the run position. As soon as I move the switch just slightly off the start setting it is like shutting it off – starts to die IMMEDIATELY. I can leave it on the start setting and it runs fine and generates 110 fine. Evidently the start setting is NOT engaging the choke thus the need to put gas in cylinder. Iam 74 years old and have worked on cars, engines all my life so not a novice with these things. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Jim

  44. Full Boar FBT 3100
    I need to remove the main cover on the carby side, but there is one bolt of some sort still holding it the cover together. Doesn’t look like allen key or screwdriver bolt or normal hex head, just a round bolt head with a round centre to it.
    It’s the one on the battery end, just below the fuel tank cap. Can’t for the life of me work out the sort of nut/bolt/screw to undo it. Has anyone got answers/suggestions please ?
    Tony Hayes

  45. Working on a powerhouse 3100 inverter generator as soon as i plug anything into it it gives me an overload fault puts out good voltage with no load also if i put it in economy mode it will give overload with no liad applied. Is the inverter bad?

  46. My generator stayed in the garage for a year now, stored it with no petrol, think the timing is a bit out; if I try and start it gives a backlash. If you pull the starter coil it actually pulls the rope back and whips a person. Please help, just want to know how to set the timing?

  47. hi, i ve got Clarke inverter IG1000. the inverter unit does not working-there is no 220 AC. the new one is very expensive, so does the board may be repaired, or have to be replaced.thanks

  48. My RYOBI 2000Watts Digital Inverter Generator is rated to run 4.5 hrs. But why does it only run for 2.5 hours? how to get it back to 4.5hrs..?
    I hope you can help us…


    1. Hi Chris, my first though is that the ratings are load dependent. I.e. most generator manufacturers will state the approximate run time base on either a 25%, 50% or 75% power load. So obviously depending on the power you are drawing from the generator will influence the run time you get. Thank you.

  49. Hi, I live in Brisbane and i’ve recently purchased a GT6000 150cc fuel injected generator and well i’ve thought it was a diesel engine and stupidly put diesel fuel in it. Is there someone I can call to drain all the fuel from the system and filters etc and flush it and get it going as its only a few months old. Any help would be appreciated.

  50. Hi I have a Pulsar generator 1200 watts. When I start it, it doesn’t sound normal. It sounds more fast and louder. I checked the oil and it’s good, but there’s a hole in the cover of the air filter. I’m guessing it’s because of that.

  51. Hello,
    I have a Tahoe 7000 diesel generator. It will start fine and run well until I switch on the power. It will run for about a minute then kill the generator. Any suggestion? I have changed oil, plenty of clean fuel…..

  52. Hi,
    I’ve recently “serviced” the carby on my china 4.4kva(lol) generator. Now I’ve connected everything back up it won’t run. I’m pretty sure it’s a fuel issue (not sure I’ve reconnected everything correctly) . Would you have a photo/picture on how everything is connected, it would really be helpful.

  53. Hi Guy’s 12 months ago I purchased a Fuji Micro Inverter Generator its never been used and is still brand new. Today I tried to use for first time, new fuel and oil level good but will not start. I have tested ignition coil both primary side and secondary side resistance of coil is as manufactures spec’s. Checked for spark with inline spark plug tester and found there was no spark, even though the spark plug has never been used.Tried several new spark plugs same result.I removed covers for a visual inspection everything seems to be ok’a no loose wires ect; the only thing I find strange is that the ignition coil is mounted on plastic cover which covers the fly wheel I’am wondering how this can induce voltage into the coil as the plastic is an insulator.With multi meter connected to one side of coil and pull starting cord there is no induced voltage present any ideas as this generator has never been used.

  54. I have a Yamaha 2400 is its running very rough and only seems to be outputting 101volts when it should be 240 volts ac.

    1. Hi Kel,

      That is a tough one. The machine would really need to be assessed.

      Yamaha Generator Australia provide national support service for the EF2400iS. You cal call 1300 735 440 to find a local service agent to assess this generator.


      The team @ My Generator

  55. Have 2500 geny, that i hooked up to mid size fridge. Ran for 2.5 hrs then stopped,after using half tank of fuel. Let geny cool down for 1 hr, then restarted geny, ran for half an hour then stopped. This has now happened a second time.
    Can you help ? please

  56. Aldi Workforce 3500w inverter genny. Has no spark – tried another plug also – but gives a ‘spark’ indication between apark lead and earth on multimeter (not sure how much volts should be there when pulling over).
    Main coil two wires has continuity as does very small pickup coil – strange very smooth flywheel has no inset magnetics – just a raised trigger spot – which does not seem to be magnetic… or if so, is only very slightly. Checked OnOff switch – ok. Coil is mounted on top of engine and carby has an electrical connection with a number of wires – (looks like a little electric motor mounted above carby)
    Any ideas anybody – don’t want this beastie to beat me – nor fund someone elses retirement fund.

    1. I think this is a problem I have encountered a few times. On the end of the spark plug wire is a black plastic or bakelike cap to attach to the plug. If you look inside were the plug attaches you will see a brass flat head screw. Take a flat head screwdriver, place it on the screw head and gently unscrew. Inside you should find a spring and a piece of carbon material. The carbon is there to reduce radio interference and makes continuity between wire and brass plug. I found in the past with some older units the carbon dissinegrates and continuity is lost, hence no spark. God luck.

  57. Why does my Honda EU30is turn the spark plug black and won’t spark after about 15 hour of running. Not in shed, so plenty of air, in fact new air filter, choke in. Not on eco throttle, giving 2.7 kw when running.

  58. Hi, I’ve got a Gen Trax 3.5 KVA generator. I need to clean/change the air filter. I don’t have a schematic drawing of the unit. Where is the air filter & how do I get to it ? I don’t want to pull the whole unit down if hit can be helped.

  59. I have a generator I never used that has old gas & oil in it. How can I get that service? What would that cost to have it service?

  60. I am hoping you can help. Getting ready for a hurricane and I went to test the generator only to find the choke has to stay on and it purrs like a kitten however I am not getting any power out of the generator.

  61. Hi I have a 909 2200w inverter petrol generator bought from masters in Australia. I need to source a coil. Do you have any ideas? Cheers MIchelle

  62. I opened my new Fuji Micro F4200i , fueled, oiled, would not start.
    Followed the manuals checks and when I removed the plug using the supplied spanner, disaster – as the spanner does not actually grip the plug, once it is undone fingers are needed to get it out. A diificult area, plug disappeared in to the cowling area
    Note: use a proper plug socket that keeps a grip of the plug!!!
    anyway, I had to completely open the genny up to get at – jammed in between two fins and broke a couple as I had gently pulled the cord to see if it was caught up, IDIOT – it was.
    I normally take a phone shot of any wirinf connections but as all bar 2 were plug ‘n play connectors I didn’t.
    Mistake: I now have a shortish black cable from the black cylinder from whence the plug cable emerges ( other cables going in. I have found only one place where it can reach and attach but not too sure -one of the bolts that holds the plastic casing over the recoil start & alternator, so it would be earthing to the engine>
    As it has marks on one side i assume it is meant to be connected somewhere, but the again it may only be used for the electric start version.
    I have a photo if it makes it easier

  63. Hi! I have an almost new Yamaha 2000IS that was working fine and now won’t start. Any suggestions of what it might be the problem?

  64. I have a wolf professional generator. It runs but no power being produced. I’ve changed the AVR but still doesn’t produce any power.
    Please any suggestions?

  65. Hi guys,
    I have a fuji XG-SF3600 inverter generator that has been in storage for a couple of years. I just drained the fuel and oil and replaced the plug and motor starts and runs nicely but i am getting now lights (power, overload and pilot) illuminated and no power coming from the outlets. Any ideas? I am hoping it isn’t the inverter module. Thanks

  66. I have a tailgater 2 cycle generator. Use it for 2 weeks. The ac voltage has drop to 20 -24 voltage. The motor run ok. I never over loaded it. Need help

  67. Hello I have a question as to what would make a generator power things then it won’t power but is still running. There’s no problem starting or keeping it started. After its start it will power something then just stops. There’s a indicator light on it and when it’s powering fine of coarse it’s on then when it stops powering that light goes off. It does staying running even though it won’t power anything

  68. My generator was working well today.. But when i switched it off, i forgot to close the fuel valve… Got back home this night and it wouldnt start.
    The fluel valve was left open for approximately 6 hours…
    What do i do?

  69. I have a Ryobi 2300 inverter. Im having the overload alarm and its not producing any power. The generator runs all the time at 25% of its load capacity. What could be wrong?

  70. Hi there,
    I have a Ryobi Rg-2700 .
    It runs fine, but there is petrol leaking from a circular metal housing when it runs – I have no idea what this part is. I suspect spring screw is missing, as there is one on the top of the housing. any idea on a part number ?



  71. Have been given a PRO-TIGER-TG-950 Generator, it has spark ,not sure on the fuel did put fresh fuel in but still does not start plenty of compression I belive the generator has not been used in seven or eight years, any ideas?
    Could you recommend where one could obtain a manual and a repair dealer?
    Thank you, your advice would be much appreciated, Regards Bob.

  72. I have a 3.3 kva Honda generator and the unit does not auto rev when under load anymore. The motor runs fine and there is power for lower voltage items but when an item requires more power it won’t auto rev to supply the power. It does work if I push the govener by hand.

  73. Hi,

    I recently bought a used Ryobi 2000w digital inverter generator. It does not start and I can not see any spark in Spark plug. I assume that the coil is wrong (maybe). Am in in the right path? and if yes, how can I test my coil? If that was not the problem, what is the next step?


  74. Hi I have a wolf 2300 generator runs fine but as soon as I put any load on it cuts out
    Any ideas how I can fix it
    Thank you

    1. Hi Daz,

      That sounds like the inverter or the alternator has gone. It may have been overloaded at some point. You might get lucky and only have to replace the capacitor (if it is that type), but most likely it will be the inverter or alternator that needs replacing. To know for sure, you should take it to your local service agent for diagnosis. At My Generator, we ensure that all of our products come with a service agent support around Australia.

  75. Hi, I have a Clarke IG1000 1kw inverter generator. I tried to use it to run some lights etc at a party and after about 10 mins of running it showed overload and cut the power (engine carried on running). There wasn’t a lot of power being used, and we had another generator (1.2kw) running the audio equipment. After resetting it would work for about 10 mins again then trip every time. In the end we ran all the audio equipment and lights on the second generator which worked fine, so not an issue with the lights.

    Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks.

  76. Hi,
    I have a generator and yesterday it ran out of gas and I refilled it straightaway. The thing is, I waited for it to cool down overnight and it won’t start this morning

    1. Hi Cristal,

      Any good portable generator should come with a comprehensive user manual with a section for trouble-shooting. If the generator has a choke, you may have to start with the choke on. It is always a good idea to check the spark plug is clean and intact.

      You may want to contact the local service agent in your area for further diagnosis.



  77. I have a EU1000i Honda generator. It runs fine for about an hour and then revs up and down before it quits. I have to pull the choke on and 2 or 3 hauls and it will go again but same thing happens. Gas and oil is fine and new spark plug. Vent in gas cap is ok. Air filter is good. Carb was cleaned. At a loss for the problem I have.


  78. I got a 2 cycle 1000W generator yesterday, brand new. Got it to charge a teardrop camper battery and run small Watt devices (nothing over 500W). In the process of getting it setup and connecting devices, the circuit breaker tripped a couple times. Now, the generator puts out some power (75 volts) but not enough to run things at full capacity. Doesn’t respond to loads now either. Any thoughts on what it could be?

  79. Dear MyGenerator team,
    I have Suzuki 2.4 KVA generator. It was working very well. From last week when we put 600 to 800 watts load ,it lose its power and voltmeter shows zero. when we reduce the load it becomes fine. We have to use this generator for the power for which it is designed for that is 2.4 KVA . At least it should give us power of 2000 watts which it had been producing previously. What is the cause and what will be the solution????

    1. Hi Doug, I’d suggest that your Hoover draws more power upon starting up and so your generator is not coping with that initial max power draw. Many appliances will have a start up power requirement in the order of 3-5 times the running power. Therefore you may require a larger generator. Many thanks

  80. Hi, my Gentech 7Kva generator ran out of fuel on load and now only supplies 10volts instead of 240.
    It only seems to have a diode and capacitor inside, no fuses etc.
    Cheers – Steve

  81. Hi, i have a Zipper 1200iv inverter Generator and my question is if there is an option to throttle up the engine like the Eco switch on a honda inverter? The inverter circuit of the generator shows several unconnected pins and i assume that two of those pins connected could result in a throttle up.
    My Problem is if i wanna charge some Lipo batteries on the field (the Charger draws about 800W), the Charger shut itself down because the voltage drops so hard as i start the charging process.
    And sorry for my bad english, I’m not a native English speaker.

  82. I have champion 3000 generator that runs fine but can’t power anything more than a small space heater. I plugged it into an RV and it sounds like the engine really has to work and keeps cutting the power off and on. The RV’s power box really whines whenever it’s getting power. Also the generators volt gauge shows 120 volts fine even when it’s feeding power to the RV. I hooked up my uncles older 3000 champion and it ran the RV perfectly with ease and the power box in there was quiet so it’s not the RV. Any ideas?

  83. I have a turbo 3699 watt 212cc generator and it’s starting to use a quart of oil a day… What can be done to fix this

  84. 3i have a ryobi 3600 watt 212 CD generator it’s starting to use about a quart of oil a day how can I fix this and it is starting to smoke as well. Thankd

  85. Hello i also have a problem with my impax (im8001) my fuel finish ,i put another fuel and that is how the problem started if i starts the engine and set the choke to choke position the engine work, but when reverse the choke to run positon then the engine dies , and it get very hot ,i dont know where the problem is i need help thank you

    1. Hi Shatu,

      I am not sure the exact model, so you should always contact your local repair agent for that particualr Generator.

      I can advise on what it could be.

      1) If it is getting very hot, there may not be enough oil, or the oil may need to be changed.

      2) The air filter may be blocked and need cleaning or replacing as air is not getting in to cool the engine.

      3) The carburettor or jets may need to be cleaned or replaced as fuel is only getting through on full choke



  86. I have a Blackridge BRG-800 generator that will start just fine and runs, BUT, after it has been running for 30-45 seconds (happily) the “overload alarm” light comes on.
    There is nothing plugged into it, it just runs happily then the light comes on.

  87. I have a Powerhouse 2700 inverter generator that has never been started and is about 4 years old. I put oil in, fresh gasoline and when I start it, it goes to full throttle and overload light is on with nothing plugged into it. I moved the throttle plate(manually) and it stayed at mid throttle but overload light was still on. Turning the “ECO” switch on and off has no effect.


    1. Hi Jesse, thanks for your question. From what you’ve stated it sounds like a fuel issue. Being a USA generator that we don’t deal with, we would have to recommend you contact your local service agent. Sounds like the carburetor or jets are blocked. Leaving fuel sit for that long will definitely have adverse affects to the engine. You can check out our blog on Generator Maintenance and Safety Tips for more information.

  88. I have a fuji puresine micro 4.6kva invertor generator, and it goes into overload when put under a load of anything over 900 watts. it has enough oil and fuel. It has only recently started doing it. I can not find any help to do with fuji generators hoping you can help

    1. Hi Justin,

      Unfortunately we cannot be much help with this brand of generator – we would recommend contacting the manufacturer or another company who supplies the Fuji Puresine Micro generators. For example, https://www.mytopia.com.au/

      Sorry we could not assist further.

  89. My 3000w pro point generator is trying to start when I turn key but isnt starting and my air filter is covered in oil, and I hear a knocker on the piston head any thoughts??

  90. I have owned and ran my yamaha 2000 alot but now the low oil light flickers as it dies then light goes out and it speeds up again. Where is the Low oil pressure sensor yellow wire located so i can cut it?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately we do not have an exploded parts diagram which would display where this pressure sensor wire is located – in this case we recommend contacting Yamaha who will be able to assist you further.

      Yamaha’s head office number is: +61 3 9316 9700

      Kind regards,


  91. Hi there,
    When I run my generator in freezing temperatures (like -5 C) it often “swings” like jump from very powerful run to almost stalling and back every second or so. My guess is that the system that regulates fuel intake according to the connected load becomes sluggish / not responsive quickly enough. Maybe some parts of it freeze or something.
    Does that sound like a common issue? Would it perhaps help to lubricate the levers/springs in the load/fuel regulation mechanism to prevent them from losing agility when it’s freezing? Thanks!

    1. Hi Eugene,

      We recommend seeing a small engine mechanic. The cold temperatures are probably causing the issue, but there could be something else at play. It sounds as though it could be engine / fuel related.

      Please let us know if we can assist you any further.

    1. Hi Sam,

      This definitely should not be happening. We strongly recommend going to your nearest service agent or electrician to look into this.

  92. Hi. I have a Ryboi portable inverter generator 3400/4000 watt. Model # Ryi4022x. When cold (overnight cold) it takes 12 or more pulls to get it started. Once started, I can shut it off and it restarts right away. So my problem is when it’s COLD. I removed the carburetor cleaned it manually, poked out all the holds, removed the main tube and cleaned, removed the black idle screw and cleaned both inside the carb and the black fuel inlet. Blew compressed air through out and then let it sit in an ultra sonic cleaner with heat in gun cleaner solvent(Slip 2000 great cleaner) for an hour, rinsed off the carb and dried. The carb is clean. Looking at the choke it seems to be closed correctly when in the start position. I changed the oil to full synthetic Mobil 1 0w/30w. Changed the spark plug and gaped to 0.26 the manual said between 24 and 28. I went in the middle. Emptied the fuel tank blew the inside dry and even had a small vacuum ( tank completely empty) and tried to suck up any dirt inside the tank. The tank is clean. Put in 93 octane with stable mixed into the gas. Checked all fuel lines. Fuel is making it all through the system to the carb. No leaks of fuel anywhere. Tried starting the unit cold with the oil pressure switch disconnected. (didn’t Help). Cleaned and oiled (not to much oil) the air filter. Spark arrester is clear. I put in a new fuel filter. I am currently running the unit with a 500 watt load for one hour. I want it nice and hot to let all the new fuel, oil etc to work its way through. It’s now 28 degrees outside. I will let it sit over night to see what happens when it’s cold again but I’ve tried this before with no luck. The only change is the Mobile 1 0/30. I had Mobile 1 5w/30w. Maybe Valves need adjusting. Please share your thoughts. Thank You.

  93. Hi, Ryobi 3400/4000 inverter generator back for an update. I let the generator sit in my unheated garage for 11 hours (overnight). Same problem would not start COLD. Pulled cord several times nothing. This time I decided to Spray some carb cleaner into the carb with choke in the open position it did start. Could it be some internal problems with the carb? too much or too little gas? I’m running out of ideas. 25 degrees today.

  94. Hi I have a Honda generator. Just serviced the carb. The fuel is shooting out of the breather pipe from the crankcase

    1. Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for your question.

      You will need to take the generator to a local Honda service agent for inspection and repair.

      Kind regards,


  95. Thank you for sharing this easy fix to portable generators! You mentioned that each generator is designed to handle a specific electrical load. Are there other risks that could happen if the required electrical load is exceeded?

    1. Hi there,

      Most of the generator we sell have inbuilt safety protections for this scenario.

      However, repeated overload of the generators maximum output can result in damage to the generator.

      Thanks for your question.

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