A Guide to RV Cooking Appliances: Caravan Cooktops, Ovens and Grills

Who says you can’t enjoy gourmet cooking in your RV? Whether you’re a budding MasterChef, or just want to make a toasted sanger, there’s a huge range of caravan cooktops to choose from.

So, how do you choose the right caravan cooktop for your RV and travelling needs?

Read our handy guide:

Types of caravan cooktops

You can choose from five different variations, depending on how you think you’ll use it. Do you need a cooktop only, a cooktop and oven, a cooktop and grill, a grill only, or all in one?

Thetford and Dometic offer a range of caravan cooktops, which are either built in units or are completely self-enclosed, standalone and portable.

The Thetford hotplate, for example, is a portable unit that comes with a pan trivet with a detachable handle, making it easy to grill food.

Thetford Caravan Cooktops
Thetford, Hotplate (2 Burner & Grill) Stainless Steel

Alcohol, gas or electric?

Many chefs prefer gas cooktops because the heat can be instantly modified when cooking. Food is also likely to cook quicker because the flames heat up the sides of pans as well as the bottom. This means they are often more energy-efficient to run. Check out the Thetford Topline HOB 3 Burner, which comes with an electric 12V spark ignition.

Depending on the brand, you can also get electric hot plates which are part of a gas cooktop. For example, it might come with 3 gas burners and 1 electric.

Thetford Caravan Cooktops
Thetford, Caprice MK3 Gas/Electric Oven, Stove and Grill

You can also get caravan cooktops that run on alcohol. These are traditionally considered as the safest way to cook, especially on a boat, because they work without pressure, are quiet and take up little space. Take a look at the Dometic Origo 1500 RV cooktop.

How many burners?

For your caravan cooktop, think about how much space you have and how many pans you want to use at the same time. Dometic and Thetford both offer two, three and four burner options.

What features?

Some caravan cooktops are designed to be as much like home as possible. You might enjoy features like a flame failure on valves, so that if the flame goes out, the gas will stop flowing. Other highlights include detachable and easy to clean pan stands, tinted and toughened glass lids, and domestic size knobs. If that’s not enough, there are also combination units that come with a cooker and sink, such as the Thetford, 353 Combination Unit!

Thetford Combination Caravan Cooktop
Thetford, 353 Combination Unit, Left Sink

Besides features, two things you should always consider is a caravan cooktop that is easy to clean and has a warranty.

But wait! What about a slide out kitchen?

 You can go the whole kit and caboodle with a slide-out kitchen. Dometic’s slide-out kitchen has all the essentials: a 3-burner caravan cooktop, sink, chopping board and serving bench, plus built-in dual side storage to keep dining and cooking equipment secure on the move. The best thing about a slide-out kitchen is that is saves valuable space in your RV. You can also add a lid for the sink, a cast iron grid for barbecuing, a passive cooler, cup and utensil holders. After all, if you fancy yourself a MasterChef, what better way to practice than in your RV?

Wanting more information? Check out our entire range of caravan cooktops or get in contact with one of our friendly customer service representatives!

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