Caravan Cooktops

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Cook your favourite meals from home on the road with our extensive range of caravan cooktops, grills, ovens and slide out kitchens.

Choosing the Right Caravan Cooktop

We offer five variations of caravan cooktops suitable for different styles of cooking. Choose from a cooktop only, a cooktop and oven, a cooktop and grill, a slide out kitchen or an all in one.

The top selling brands Dometic and Thetford offer a range of caravan cooktops,which are built in or completely self-enclosed, standalone and portable. Not sure how many burners you want? Think about how much space you have and how many pans you use simultaneously. Then select from two, three and four burner options.

Gas or Electric?

Find a choice of gas and electric caravan cooktops to suit your needs. For the ultimate flexibility, Thetford offers an electric hot plate as part of a gas cooktop – this is known as a hybrid caravan cooktop.

Choose from our sizzling range of caravan cooktops today.