Generac Generators: the Back-Up Generator Brand You Need to Know


It isn't exactly the new kid on the block, but Generac generator is making waves in the Australian generator market with its range of backup generators for homes, businesses and industry. Here, we take a look at the business behind the hype and reveal why Generac is a name you should get to know.

Generac celebrates the milestone of manufacturing its One Millionth Home Backup Generator in February 2013

Who exactly is Generac?

Born in the USA, Generac has been designing and building backup generators since 1959. Generac has two big claims to its name:

  1. It was the first company to engineer affordable home standby generators
  2. It was the first to develop an engine that can withstand the demands of generator use - the famous Generac OHV engine.

In other words, if it's to do with generator power, Generac has been there and done that - and probably invented a few things along the way.

What type of generators does Generac do best?

Generac manufactures a broad range of portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators as well as pressure washers. But it is really known for its backup power generators. Today Generac is the world's largest provider of home standby generators - that's right, the world's largest. In fact, according to Generac, they sell five times more generators than all their competitors combined. That's some big sales! They are especially big in the US, where many residential areas experience frequent power outages.

Okay, tell me more about these backup generators

Generac builds home backup generators that are permanently installed into your home to automatically deliver power during an outage. They can back up one part of your home or the whole house, depending on what you need. Generac generators use natural gas or liquid propane gas (LPG) and sits outside, just like your air conditioning unit.

A Generac Gas Generator for Home Backup comes with an All-Weather Steel Enclosure and is also able to withstand 150 mph winds.

They work using an automatic transfer switch, which switches the home's power supply to the generator in the event of an outage, and then back again when the mains power resumes. Did we mention that Generac is also the number one manufacturer of manual and fully automatic transfer switches for backup power units up to 50 kW?

There is a wide range of residential generac generators sizes to choose from - ranging from the Generac 7kVA generator, which is ideal for a home or small business to the Generac Guardian 13kVA gas generator and beyond.

These gas powered units have become hugely popular in Australia, particularly for people who have access to mains gas. They are often far more efficient than their petrol and diesel counterparts, require less maintenance and automatically self-check.

Why a standby Generac generator

What else does Generac make?

Generac's innovative streak doesn't stop at generators. It also has domestic and commercial power washer categories; these are petrol powered units that cover all cleaning tasks around the home right through to commercial grade tasks such as pressure cleaning heavy factory equipment.

Generac Pressure Washers - powerful cleaning equipment for home or professional industry

What kind of support does Generac provide?

The warranty you get depends on the product and what you are using it for. For example, the Generac XP trade series offer a three-year domestic warranty and two-year commercial warranty. Whereas the Generac GP back-up portable series comes with a two-year warranty for residential use and one year for commercial use. Lastly, Gas Powered standby generator series come with a one-year warranty. One thing you do know though is that you always get the peace of mind that comes with the support of Generac's dealer network and specialist technicians, of which you can find your nearest one here.

So if you're looking for a backup generator, it's worth remembering the name "Generac". Check out My Generator's range of Generac products for a great deal on a world-leading power brand.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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