Five reasons to choose a Crommelins Generator

Reliability, high performance, and support; these are the three driving factors for choosing a power generator if you’re in the hire, construction or mining industries.

You need to know the generator will provide power for as long as you need it. You need a guarantee that the design is robust and will withstand extreme conditions. And you need to be sure that, should something go wrong, you can get the support you need to have the generator up and running again in no time.

That’s why there’s one name that stands out above all others for commercial grade generators: Crommelins.

Crommelins Diesel Generator
Crommelins have petrol and diesel generators that are very popular for trade, agriculture and hire industry use

Crommelins generators are unsurpassed in hire fleets because of their proven reliability and high performance. Combine this with the company’s award winning spare parts, backup and support to all Crommelins products and you have a win-win situation.

An Australian owned and run company, Crommelins has been building generators for more than 50 years. Today they sell over 40 different petrol and diesel powered models. Crommelins petrol generators are sized from 2kVA to 10kVA and will power most equipment for the Hire, Agricultural, Construction Industries, and also recreational markets; while Crommelins Diesel Generators are low maintenance heavy duty industrial generators suitable for situations when it is simply not practical to have petrol powered generators, such as Mining, Oil Industries, Boating and Marine applications.

Crommelins Petrol Generator
Crommelins generators can be optioned-up to include wheel & handle kits as well as Work Cover approved safety features such as weatherproof outlets and earth leakage protection.

Here are five reasons you should choose Crommelins for your generator:

  1. Unrivalled support. Something gone wrong with your generator? Time is money, and every minute you are without power is another minute of lost productivity and profit. Fortunately Crommelins provides the support you need. Unlike many companies that might have to send abroad for spare parts, delaying your repair by days, Crommelins spare parts orders are consistently delivered within 24 hours to all Australian capitals. You’ll be up and running again with power in no time.
  2. Assembled & Tested in Australia. All Crommelins branded products are assembled and tested in Australia. There are no surprises, every generator is designed specifically to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and work environments. Then they are test run to specifications before delivery at either the Perth facility or at the FHI factory.
  3. Industry Specific. Crommelins brand generators allow for the inclusion of industry specific options that meet all on site requirements. To assist the hire industry, most of Crommelins petrol generators can be built with an optional Hire Pack which consists of Wheel Kit and Handles, Central Lifting Bar, Weatherproof Outlets, Earth Leakage Switch, Circuit Breakers and an Earth Spike and Lead.
  4. Powered by Subaru. Crommelins brand generators are powered by Subaru Industrial Engines. The company is also the Australian distributor of the imported range of SUBARU Generators, some featuring the latest in silent inverter technology; all are compliant with the EPA phase 2 regulations USA.
  5. Peace of mind. Crommelins generators are backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, all Subaru Industrial Engines are covered by a three-year warranty.


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