Diesel Generators Perth: Why Perth chooses diesel generators over petrol

Diesel generators are some of the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient and quiet units you can buy. And nowhere is this more important than in Perth and Western Australia.

Diesel Generators Perth

When it comes to Diesel Generators Perth customers are in the right place to enjoy the huge benefits. They not only have the opportunity to use diesel generators across a huge variety of applications - domestic backup, outdoor events etc. - but they can test them to their limits in the most extreme heavy industrial and mining applications. Mining in Western Australia accounts for almost 28% of the state's production. And diesel generators supply more than 50% of the electrical demands of the mining industry in Australia. With at least 500 commercial mineral projects and over 890 mining operations counted in 2008/9, there are plenty of places to put a diesel generator through its paces! Here, we reveal why Perth-siders are choosing diesel over petrol when it comes to generators: Rough and rugged When it comes to diesel generators Perth side, there are different types of diesel engines - either a two cycle or four cycle, and air-cooled or liquid-cooled - all of which are perfectly suited for tough industrial and commercial applications. While you'll certainly find diesel generators powering small loads for small tasks, they show their true power with larger loads - especially those found on construction and mining sites. [caption id="attachment_447" align="aligncenter" width="380"]Diesel Generators Perth Himoinsa Diesel Generator: popular on mining sites[/caption] Designed for purpose Diesel generators are available in various specifications and sizes - but better yet, they can be customised for specific applications. This is especially important for construction and mining sites out of Perth. From small jobs to powering large excavation machinery, diesel generators are the backbone of the mining industry. A great example of this are Mining Spec Generators: portable diesel gensets built with all the necessary safety features to run on a mine site. More bang for your buck When it comes to fuel consumption, diesel generators burn about half the fuel that a petrol generator does. Work the numbers and you'll soon see that the fuel cost per KiloWatt of power produced can be a massive 30 to 50 per cent lower than their petrol equivalents. Whether you're powering up a campsite or a mining site, this soon adds up. Safer and lower maintenance Because of the way diesel engines work (they don't start with a spark ignition - the fuel auto-ignites), they are much safer than petrol engines. No spark means no risk of explosion. For mine sites in Western Australia, diesel is also the safest option because it has a lower volatility rate than petrol. Plus, without spark plugs or spark wires to worry about, a diesel genset requires less maintenance than a petrol generator. Long, long life The downfall of petrol generators is that they reach a higher temperature than diesel generators. Over time, this leads to more wear and tear on the generator parts - meaning more frequent and more costly maintenance and repair, and ultimately, a shortly life span. Tough work environments demand tough generators. That's why our recommended brands for Diesel Generators Perth include Advanced Power and Crommelins. Both manufacturers build robust, reliable and tough diesel generators proven to specifically meet the needs of Australian mining, construction and hire industries. [caption id="attachment_1774" align="aligncenter" width="420"]Diesel Generators Perth Crommelins Mine Spec Generator with lift kit, wheels, safety features and bunding[/caption] For more information on Diesel Generators Perth, see www.mygenerator.com.au

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