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What Is A Mine Spec Generator?

The Mine Spec Range provides high quality Diesel powered generator sets that have been optioned up to provide additional Mine specific safety features including bunding, emergency stop, containment trays, fire extinguishers, weatherproof outlets and more.

Australia’s mining boom has led to the emergence of hundreds of mine sites and construction areas across the country. The term ‘mine spec’ is often specified but there is no fixed definition for being mine-site compliant as it constantly varies from state to state and from site to site. It is important to be proactive in understanding and adhering to these requirements to be site-compliant.

My Generator are proud to provide a portable ‘Mine Spec’ Diesel range of Generators to cater for most mine site requirements. For larger, stationary generator power requirements on mine sites, you can browse our full Stationary Diesel Generator range HERE. Our best-selling portable mine-spec generators include the models below;