Caravan Accessories: The Essentials You Need

The best way to prepare for your caravan trip is to ensure that you have all the right caravan accessories. Some of these help you create a home away from home, while others ensure you stay safe wherever you travel.

Find out which caravan accessories you need:




We are always looking to save space in our caravan and on our tables, which is why we recommend adding a BBQArm to your setup. This must have caravan accessory creates an out-of-the-way place for your BBQ.

Simply mount the tray & arm to your Tow-Hitch or Drawbar, place your BBQ on top and then you can swing the BBQArm away when not in use!


Stand At Ease Water Tank Filler:

Trip In A Van has called this tool one of their caravan essentials!

The Stand At Ease Water Tank Tiller is the easiest way to fill your caravan/RV water tanks. Simply connect the nearest hose to the tool, slide it into your water tank and turn the hose on!

This tool prevents air locks in the filler pipe and you no longer have to remove the hose fitting to slide the hose into your tank!

Check out the awesome product review done by Trip In A Van below:

The Easy Way To Fill Your Caravan & RV Water Tanks


Water Purifier:

An important part of being on the road is to ensure you've always got clean, fresh drinking water. Thirsty Nomad have developed two water purifiers that can remove 10 heavy metals through its 5 stage water treatment system.

The range includes two models:


Gas Cylinder Level Check:

Ever run out of gas in the middle of a camp BBQ? With the Truma Gas Cylinder Level Checker, you will never be caught short again. This handy device uses ultrasound to detect how much gas is left in the LPG cylinder then shows you with an LED light. Genius!

Another gas level check model we highly recommend is the Dometic GC 100 Gas Level Indicator for Gas Bottles which also uses an LED light to indicate gas levels.

How the Truma Level Check Works


Aussie Traveller Anti-flap Kits:

Caravan Awnings can be an expensive addition to your caravan. Protect it’s life expectancy with the Aussie Traveller Anti-flap kit. These attach to the sides of your awning to protect the fabric from flapping and over stretching in windy conditions.

The Aussie Traveller Anti-flap kits are designed with a sail track making it easy to slide in privacy screens and walls for extra shade or the much wanted privacy in busy caravan parks.



Every seasoned camper knows you should never rely on campground Wi-Fi. If your plan is to travel for a while, you’ll want a more reliable connection, especially if you want to stream videos and message your family and friends. That’s where a Wi-Fi router kit comes in handy.

RV WiFi provides a selection of portable Wi-Fi Units designed for caravans to ensure you stay connected while on the road. The 4G model and the recently launched 5G model function as true modems rather than just dongles. These units are easy to install in your van and come with password protection to ensure security. Notably, the 5G model now offers a remarkable coverage range of up to 60 metres from your vehicle – impressive right?

You have the option to select your preferred Australian Data provider and make payments according to your preference. Additionally, both products allow for up to 100 simultaneous connections, meaning the whole family can enjoy their TV shows and entertainment.



If you're travelling for a few months, there comes a time when you just want to chill out in your van and catch up on your favourite shows. That's why we reckon a TV is an essential caravan accessory, like the Englaon 24" Full HD Frameless Smart 12V TV.

What we love about this unit is that it has built in Bluetooth, WiFi, DVD player & Chromecast so you can access popular apps on the internet, like Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and more. It can also run off 12V, or 240V.



There's no point having a TV without an antenna! Leisure Tec is at the top of its game with the new Milenco Power 900L Antenna which uses omnidirectional antenna technology to help you receive any channel on your digital TV. No need to adjust the antenna every time you set up camp in a new place!

Another type of antenna you need is the Thunder 5W Mini Compact UHF and Antenna, which helps you stay in touch with travel companions and emergency services even outside of mobile phone coverage.


Caravan Mat:

You don''t want to get into your caravan with dirty feet - that we do know! We also don't want a dirty mat. The Muk Mat solves both these problems and looks fun! What is a Muk Mat you ask? The Muk Mat is a synthetic grass mat with long 40 mm state of the art green polyethylene multi-filament yarn. Available in a range of sizes and trim colours the idea is to give your feet a quick wipe and periodically shake the mat out by hand.

DLG Australia is a dedicated recycling company reducing ocean and land plastics by turning them into 100% recycle quality indoor and outdoor mats. These are suitable for caravans, decks and anything else you can think of!


Towing Mirrors:

Towing mirrors are not an option - they are essential for safe caravan driving. Let's face it, driving on main roads is really risky when you're towing a large vehicle. Towing mirrors let you see the entire length of the caravan and help with blind spots.

They won't set you back much either - the world's best-selling Milenco Aero 3 Extra Wide mirror is only $129 a pair and the Milenco Grand version comes in at $149. A small price to pay for safety.


Towing Electric Brake Controller:

Stay safe when towing with an electric brake controller. The brake controller is mounted to your tow vehicle and sends an electric current to the electric brakes in the caravan to make them operate.

Designed to suit most trailer braking applications, the Elecbrakes Brake Controller is super simple to install and operate and can be controlled wirelessly through the in-car remote and your smartphone!

This is one of our favourite caravan accessories! It is also an essential as it will protect your family and others on the road!

Brake Controller Plug & Play Installation With The Team From Elecbrakes


Jump Starter:

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. That's why a jump starter is not just an essential caravan accessory - it's one of the most important bits of emergency equipment you can carry.


Reversing Cameras:

Reversing a caravan is hard! There, we said it. But when you have a reversing video system like the Dometic PerfectView Reversing Video System, you can be confident in your backing skills.

No more worrying about blind spots or 20 attempts to park your beast. This reversing system comes with a 7' monitor with super-bright, energy-saving LED backlighting for excellent image quality. This kit comes with a small colour camera with closed housing and you can connect up to three cameras in total. It will only set you back around $459.


Trailer Dolly:

Hitch your caravan up to your car and reverse into tight spots with a trailer dolly. We can't go past the Camec Trailer Valet Mover XL, the toughest, most compact trailer dolly on the market. The XL moves most trailers up to 4,500kg and features positraction technology for tight turns.

How to Properly Install the Trailer Valet XL


Caravan Jack:

To level your caravan and be able to change your caravan tyre's it is important you have a caravan jack in your setup. We even stock electric models like the Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack with Clamp & Harness Kit to make the process simple and easy!


Levelling Ramps:

Every caravan needs a levelling ramp sooner or later. Trust us. You might think the ground is flat, but when you get in your van, the sink won't drain properly and the fridge door swings open.

The Milenco Quattro Levelling Ramps keep your caravan level when you’re parked on a sloping ground, providing additional safety. It's the worlds only four-step polymer level with a high-grip upper tread surface for extra safety!



Got a larger RV? Pack your own step and get in and out with ease. There are heaps of options to choose from, like the Milenco heavy-duty double step or a folding step by Dometic. Both can be easily stowed away when you're on the move.


Caravan Cover:

Protect your caravan between trips with a caravan cover. Even if your caravan is stored in perfect conditions, a cover is a worthwhile investment.

Look for one with a water-resistant roof panel, UV protection and breathable panels to prevent rot and mildew. Camec provides a wide range of covers for almost every size van.


Wash Down Pump Kit:

If you've just pulled up covered in mud, make sure your caravan shines like new with a wash down pump kit.The Seaflo Wash Down Pump Kit boasts a 70 PSI pump and comes with fittings, hose and nozzle. Powering the unit is as easy as plugging it into a 12V socket.


First Aid Kit:

You never know when an accident can happen on your adventures so make sure you always leave home with a first aid kit in hand. Whether you need to remove a splinter after collecting wood for your fire or need an ice pack ASAP after the kids got bitten by a pesky green ant the FastAid Delux vehicle first aid kit has got you covered.


Fire Extinguisher:

It’s always better to be on the safe side on your caravan or camping trip, especially when camp fires are involved! Make sure you always have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of an emergency.


Final Word:

These caravan accessories are a sure-fire way to make sure your trip is safe and comfortable. What would you add to the list?

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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