Best Large Stationary Generator Models: The Expert's Picks

Our pick of the best large stationary generator units on the market for industry and businesses.

Weighing up between the best large stationary generator for your business? With so many advanced, robust models on the market, this is no easy task. Even if once you've gone through the process of working out what your business needs, you still need to do your research and find out which manufacturers can deliver, and then narrow it down to which models are worth the investment.

Lucky for you, our experts have done the hard yards and delivered their verdict on the best large commercial stationary generators on the market.



Relatively new to Australia, Generac has been around in the United States since 1959 and was, in fact, the first manufacturer to develop affordable standby generators for homes. Today, they still specialize in smaller standby generator, but that's not to say these aren't a worthy investment for small and medium businesses as well. For example, small medical and vet practices will benefit from a Generac 8kVA AVR Gas Standby Generator or even the Generac 13kVA AVR Gas Standby Generator for reliable power when it matters.

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What we love

  • Choice of running on Natural Gas or LPG Bottles: If you have access to mains gas, then these Generac Gas sets are extremely fuel efficient and cost effective - you don't have to worry about running out of fuel. Similarly, the LPG gas bottle source stacks up very well in terms of fuel source against petrol and diesel.
  • Warranty: Generac models come with a not-too-shabby 3-year warranty, backed by national service support.
  • Excellent components: Made in America, these Generac gas sets are complimented by Generac fully automatic transfer switches and accessories for backup power applications.
  • Overall: A very cost effective power backup option for your small business if you have access to gas.



Manufactured in Europe by one of the world leaders in power and energy solutions, Pramac stationary generator are beyond comparison. The stationary output range is huge, from a modest 20kVA to a massive 800kVA output, meaning there is something for almost any business. And because they use Perkins, Volvo and Yanmar engines, you know you are investing in a quality generator for either prime or standby power applications.

PRAMAC Generators

What we love

  • Multiple configuration options: Pramac stationary generator boast options across their entire range, including two-wire auto start capability for direct mains connection. Their control panels are also market leading - allowing remote monitoring to the highest standards.
  • World-leading manufacturers: Pramac uses componentry from other world leading manufacturers to provide the best in stationary large generator sets. We're talking about the likes of Volvo, Yanmar, Perkins and Lombardini engines, as well as Italian made Linz and Mecc Alte alternators.
  • Super silent: Shhhhh...Pramac has developed super-silent sound encasing technology to ensure their stationary generator are very quiet during operation.
  • Overall: For either prime or standby power requirements, Pramac is hard to beat - exceptional European quality and best in class control panels.



When it comes to mine sites, Himoinsa stationary generator have your power needs covered. Manufactured in Spain by experts with over 30 years' experience, Himoinsa stationary generator make clean, efficient and guaranteed energy supply look easy. Aside from generators specifically customised to meet industry safety standards for Australian mines, Himoinsa generators are at the top of the list for data centres, airports, shipping ports, small to large industry, public infrastructure, mining and more.


What we love

  • International reputation: Himoinsa has a global reputation as a manufacturer that implies a continuous policy of modernization of production processes and state-of-the-art power technology.
  • Built tough: Designed to thrive in the harsh Australian environment, Himoinsa's hard working, high torque generators boast a low maintenance, long life option - perfect for commercial backup and mining applications.
  • Single or three phase: Himoinsa provides the option of single or three-phase diesel generators, from 5kVA to 60kVA power output.
  • Overall: A great option for mining or remote worksite power requirements up to 60kVA.



Looking for good value stationary generator? Look no further than PowerLink. They're not new to the game - far from it: this global power products company has delivered over 80,000 large generator sets in almost 100 countries all over the world. It's no coincidence they've become a popular choice for emergency backup or prime power in industry, telecom, rental, municipal, mining, agriculture, data centres and much more.

backup generator
A Powerlink Generator is a good option for standby power; using genuine Perkins Generator is powered by a genuine Perkins, Kubota and Cummins engines.
PowerLink GMS20KS-AU Diesel Generator Set

What we love

  • World-famous engines: Diesel gensets ranging in size from 6kVA to 3000kVA are powered by the likes of Cummins, Kubota and Perkins, and use world-leading alternators from Leroy Somers and Stamford.
  • Auto-start: Equipped with an auto-start control panel, PowerLink stationary generators are equipped with ATS to ensure safe power supply in a crisis.
  • Great value: PowerLink generators aren't the most expensive on the market but that doesn't mean they aren't a worthy investment. In fact, their high-quality componentry and design provide exceptional value for standby power.
  • Overall: A terrific standby power option - Powerlink gensets are all equipped with: Bunded bases, Galvonised steel canopies, Battery isolators, Central lifting points and Forklift slots.



  • Kubota: Kubota engines are the power behind these great stationary generators, ranging from 6kVA to 35kVA. Common for small business and rural applications, Kubota have a strong reputation for fuel efficiency and longevity.
  • FG Wilson: With an excellent reputation in Australia, FG Wilson generators are powered by Perkins engines and range in power output from 9kVA to 800kVA. Common on mining and construction sites as they are extremely durable and robust - the highly corrosion and impact resistant enclosures are designed to withstand rough environments.


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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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25 December 2016
Thanks for sharing the details. We are dealing in the Italian and UK brands of diesel generators, such as FPT Iveco, Lombardini and Perkins UK.

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