Ever Increasing Demand for Back-up Generators

For decades in country Australia, generators have been a reliable back-up power source for homeowners. But now metropolitan areas are also seeing the benefits. Why? Because they have all been victims of not just one storm, but a glut of weather events.

In metro areas in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, portable generators are proving their worth in households and businesses alike. Here’s why:

What does a portable generator power?

After tropical storms, cyclones and hurricanes hit, the power can stay off for days and weeks, causing huge disruption. Portable generators produce enough power to run the essential electrical appliances around the home – a refrigerator, radio, computers, mobile chargers, home office – all those items that make everyday life easier. It can also power critical equipment for those who care for elderly relatives, keeping them safe when disaster strikes. Because they are small and compact, portable generators can simply be stored away until you need them.

Small price to pay for peace of mind

Generators start from as little as $250 for an 800-watt portable generator, which is enough to keep a number of small appliances running for a few hours. These generators also include AVR or Inverter technology that will provide clean, stable power suitable for sensitive electrical items such as laptops and tablets. With more power comes better peace of mind, which is why some households are investing in a more powerful generator, paying anywhere up to $2,000 and more.

Switch over

A manual transfer switch panel can make your portable power even more convenient. It enables you to use a portable generator without running extension cords. Be sure to get a licensed electrician to install a manual transfer switch subpanel off your main circuit panel and install a dedicated inlet to power the subpanel. Other options include auto-switch technology which are designed specifically to back up solar powered homes/buildings when the power supply in the battery packs run low.

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