12V Compressor Fridge Freezers

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Need help? Upright Caravan Fridges Buyer's Guide

Our range of 12V compressor fridge freezers will keep your food and drinks cold in your vehicle, boat or off grid cabin. Our range starts at 50 litres and goes up to a massive 285 litres – so there’s something for everyone! Make sure to choose a 12V compressor fridge from a reputable brand like Bushman or Evakool.


What To look For In An Off Grid 12V Compressor Fridge:

When looking for a 12V compressor fridge, you want to make sure you’re buying a reputable brand such as Evakool or Bushman. Their upright fridges are highly efficient and perform even in the harshest Australian environments. Plus, they are built to draw as minimum power as possible! Another benefit of choosing a model from a reputable brand is the extensive warranty and after market support in the unlikely case your fridge has an issue down the line.

Free Standing Fridges For Your Off Grid Adventure:

All of the models in our 12V Compressor Fridge Freezers category are free standing. They do not need to be built in – perfect for flexibility in your off grid cabin! Most of our models do come with an installation frame however in case you’d prefer to install your fridge into your kitchen or galley.

Evakool's 12 Volt Refrigerator Compressor Range