Caravan Screens & Matting

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Are you sick of sand, dirt and mud being trekked through your caravan, camper or tent? A camping mat can save the day! Our range of camping mats from brands such as Camec, Weisshorn and CGear, come in a variety of designs, including breathable fabrics, soft-touch fabrics and the ability to let the sand and dirt fall through the mat to the ground beneath – and not back up again! Plus, stay protected against the elements with our range of screens and walls by Aussie Traveller, Thule, and Coast to Coast.


There’s nothing worse than setting off for an adventure in the outback and flipping yourself to holiday mode, only to realise that you’re going to spend your whole trip sweeping sand and grit out of your camper or tent every day.

Environmentally Friendly Camping Mats:

Camping mats are designed to be lightweight, easy to pack away and transport but also durable and feature rip stop technology to ensure they don’t tear or fray. Camping mats are perfect for use under camp furniture as they are easy to wipe clean or hose down. They can even be used as shades or windbreaks. If you’re worried about the environmental impact, take a look at the camping mat options from CGear and Camec, which use environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled.

Check out our range of camping mats now and make sure you can really put your feet up on holiday.