Off Grid Fuses & Holders

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Here at My Generator, we cannot recommend having an electric fuse in your battery system highly enough. This simple and general affordable mechanism can prevent a fire in your vehicle or off grid cabin.

How Does An Electric Fuse Work?

An electric fuse is built around a conductive strip which in the event of excessive current flow, will melt. Due to this melting, an electric fuse cannot be reused. If you are wanting a product that can be reused look at our circuit breakers range.

Victron vs Blue Sea:

We often get asked whether our customers should purchase an electric fuse by Victron or Blue Sea. Our answer is both! Both brands are reputable and have high quality products! Victron is known for their technologically advanced products and are off grid specialists. Their fuses all come with a 5 year warranty. Blue Sea on the other hand, offer a 2 year warranty with all their fuses.