Flexshaft Vibrators

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Browse our range of flexshaft vibrators for fast and effective concrete pours. Our range of Crommelins and Hoppt flexshaft vibrators are available with various head diameters and flexible shaft lengths.

How Flexshaft Vibrators Work

Driven by a separate drive unit, the flexshaft produces high frequency vibration allowing for the efficient compaction of concrete mixes. This improves the strength and finish of concrete by driving out trapped air.

For effective vibration, choose the largest diameter vibrator head that the job will accommodate. The vibrator is fitted with a diameter flexible shaft coupling for operation from a petrol or diesel drive unit.

Make Light Work of The Toughest Jobs

We stock the most innovative, robust flexshaft products to help you get the best results, even from the toughest jobs. Check out our range of Hoppt flexshaft vibratorswhich feature flexible shafts with an improved pendulum designed. These concrete vibrators are ideal for use in all types of concrete and a wide variety of job sites, from small foundations to larger projects.