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If you’re moving large or heavy items around your home, office or warehouse you need a Stanley trolley. It’s not only strong enough for any job, but it’s also slim and lightweight so you can roll around pretty much anywhere.

Our range of Stanley trolleys include comprehensive information and guidance on product specification and usage for each trolley, so you can feel completely confident in making the right choice.


Choosing The Right Stanley Trolley:

Like most things, Stanley trolleys come in various styles and sizes, so it’s important to select the right trolley for the task in order to eliminate any risks associated with lifting and moving heavy loads. You should consider the sorts of materials you will be moving, as well as the layout of the space you will be working in.

At a minimum, look for features such as height adjustability, equipment that is rated to your load, size and how it will move around within your space. Check for castors and wheels that are suited to your floor surface too so you can use the trolley smoothly. Luckily our Stanley trolleys include platform and folding options, as well as options that cater for all types of load and space, so you’re certain to be able to find the best option for the task at hand.

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