Vibratory Plate Compactors

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Looking to compact soil, sand or gravel? Our range of plate compactors has got the job covered.

Browse our range of forward moving plate compactors, reversible plate compactors, pavement compactors, hydrostatic reversible plate compactors and add on compactors.

Plate compactors for every job

Plate compactors are engine-powered, walk-behind machines that give a powerful vibratory compaction effort via a bottom-mounted steel plate. This compacts loose materials into a flat surface before pouring concrete or asphalt, or for patch work.

We sell a range of plate compactors including forward-moving plate compactors and reversible plate compactors, smaller plate compactors (great for easy handling and on-the-spot capabilities), and larger plate compactors (provide the ability to cover a greater area with more speed).

Depending on the job, you can choose plate compactors with great climbing abilities (up to 30% gradient), an electric start, and optional rubber mats for asphalt paver application. Diesel and petrol products are available.

Compare our range of plate compactors from Ammann, Hoppt and Crommelins.