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Installing a 12V circuit breaker into your battery system is essential! This safety mechanism prevents fire breaking out or worse.

How Does A 12V Circuit Breaker Work?

A 12V circuit breaker detects when your electrical wiring has too much current flowing through it and cuts the power. Excessive current can be extremely dangerous as it can cause an electrical fire.

A circuit breaker therefore is an incredibly simple solution to a potentially deadly issue.

Unlike fuses, a circuit breaker can be reused. Simply reset the unit after the power has been cut and the breaker is ready to use again.

Sizing Up A Circuit Breaker:

When sizing up a circuit breaker, you want the circuit to be operating at 80% of capacity – this is called “the safe load”. For help on what size circuit breaker you need, give one of our product experts a call on 1300 400 122.

Enerdrive 12V Circuit Breakers:

Enerdrive’s range of circuit breakers are both affordable and high quality. For under $70 you can keep your loved ones, vehicle and yourself safe – like we said, a 12V circuit breaker is essential!