Uninterruptible Power Supply

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The Power-Sonic UPS range offers a space saving and compact way of protecting your equipment against unwanted power spikes, while providing battery backup during outages. Find a range of Power-Sonic UPS systems to suit your needs here, from 600VA up to 2000VA.


Uninterrupted Power Supply by Power-Sonic

Power-Sonic UPS is a backup system that provides a continuous, stable and clean power supply to your equipment. We sell compact, space saving Power-Sonic UPS systems that you can take anywhere to protect your electrical equipment from damaging power surges and spikes.

What You’ll Love About a Power-Sonic UPS

When you buy a Power-Sonic UPS, you get lots of innovative features designed to provide an efficient power supply you can rely on. Top features include automatic voltage regulation with a boost and buck function, microprocessor control and auto-restart. You can also auto-charge the unit in off mode and rest assured it comes with its own intelligent battery management. Packed into a compact, space-saving design with a one-year warranty, these features are designed to give you the confidence that the Power-Sonic UPS is suited for your computer systems, home networking, gaming, and other electronics.

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