Off Grid Battery Combiners

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A battery combiner (or voltage sensitive relay) is designed to power a critical load from two battery banks in parallel in the chance one fails. Failure of one of the batteries will not interrupt power to the load.

Battery combiners are also known as Automatic Charging Relays (ACR’s) or Voltage Sensitive Relays (VSR’s). Popular models in the off grid market are Victron’s Argo Diode and Cyrix models.

Victron’s Voltage Sensitive Relay Models:

Victron is a household name when it comes to all things off grid. Their voltage sensitive relay models all come with a massive 5 year warranty! Plus they have service agent support around the country if anything does happen to your product.

How To Choose A Model For You:

When choosing a model to suit your needs look at Victron’s Cyrix voltage sensitive relay models. These automatically detects system voltage which means no voltage loss and the output voltage of alternators do not need to be increased. Their Argo Diode range can be cheaper but will have a low voltage drop.