Concrete Vibrators

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If you want the best concrete tools for the job, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our concrete vibrators to find the must-have tool while pouring concrete. The right concrete vibrator helps you remove air bubbles from freshly laid concrete and ensure the slab is solid, dense and free from honeycombing.

Handheld Concrete Vibrators

Handheld tools are ideal for removing air bubbles from freshly laid concrete in slabs and footings. Choose from Hoppt and Crommelins models that are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and handle, plus extremely quiet. The smaller size is designed for concrete blockwork, stairways, footings and footpaths. Every concrete vibrator we stock comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Concrete Vibrator Flexshafts

With our wide range of vibrator shafts, you can find something for almost any job. Choose from 28mm, 38mm, 45mm, 57mm, and 60mm flexshafts in 6 metre and 9 metre lengths.

Need help choosing the right concrete vibrator or flexshaft? Talk to our team.