Welder Petrol Generators

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Get the best of both worlds with petrol welder generators. A welder generator is a great way to pack more value into a unit. Check out our range of petrol welder generators by renowned brands including Genelite, Gentech and Powerlite and get even more bang for your buck.

Petrol welder generators create power for welding without meaning you have to depend on mains electricity. Simply fill up the tank, as you would for a regular generator, and you can power your welding equipment wherever you need it. That’s why petrol welder generators have become essential equipment for construction sites, farms, industry and more. Best of all, you can use our welder generator as a standalone generator when you need power. That means no need to worry about the space, money, and hassle of running two separate machines! When you aren’t using the machine for welding, you can use the generator for work lights, emergency power or running power tools around the job site.




Robust Petrol Welder Generators for The Worksite

Save space on your ute with the Gentech Petrol 7kVA AC Welder Generator. Powered by the legendary Honda GX390 petrol engine, this welder generator delivers 7kVA power and 200 Amps of welding power in a tough package for every job on the worksite. Plus, it comes with the option to add RCD Earth Leakage for added protection, and a wheel kit, lifting kit or wheelbarrow kit for easy transportation.

Need more features? Choose a workstation. You can now get 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and even 4-in-1 machines (known as ‘workstation generators’). Check out the Crommelins 7kVA 3 in 1 workstation which houses a welder, generator, and compressor in one powerful compact unit.