Off Grid Battery Isolators

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The Purpose Of A Dual Battery Isolator:

A dual battery isolator is designed for two purposes:

To significantly extend your batteries life

To safely charge your auxiliary battery

A dual battery isolator will ensure that the start battery is isolated and the possibility of draining it is eliminated.

Choosing A Dual Battery Isolator For Your Needs:

When choosing a dual battery isolator you will want to ensure it can handle the max amp output from your alternator. You can find this information in the specifications of your vehicle.

Our range of isolators are by off grid specialists Victron. They off two types: Argo Diode and Argo FET. Their Argo Diode models feature a low voltage drop whilst their Argo FET models have virtually no voltage loss. There is also no need to increase the output voltage of the alternator with their Argo FET models.

One of our product experts is on hand to help you choose a dual battery isolator. Simply give us a call on 1300 400 122!