Caravan Built-In Air Conditioners

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Looking for a compact air con unit to keep you cool in your RV or caravan? An under-bunk air conditioner distributes the air through outlets, which can be placed in the room to get a tailor-made climate control solution. An under-bunk air conditioner is installed under a bench, bunk or in a storage space within the van or RV. Check out the very popular Truma Saphir model or the value for money option Finch HB9000.


Benefits Of an Under Bunk Air Conditioner

When you buy an under-bunk air con unit, the vehicle’s centre of gravity and outside dimensions remain unaffected. You can also keep your roof window, as there’s no rooftop unit to obstruct it. An under-bunk air conditioner allows you to place your air outlets where you want. Best of all, you can provide air con coolness in more than one room!

Which Under Bunk Air Conditioner?

The Truma Saphir underbunk air conditioner is one of the most popular under bunk caravan air conditioners on the market. The Saphir’s high power provides sufficient cooling, right through to the last corner of vehicles up to 6.5 metres in length. A ready to install air conditioner, the Saphir fits under a bed or cupboard in your RV with a vent to the outside. Air is circulated within your vehicle via ducting, which is available to buy as a separate accessory.

For a great value for money option, check out the Finch HB9000. This reverse cycle ducted air conditioner includes three air outlets and provides a large capacity, 2.2kw cooling and 1.8kw of heating capacity. Use the heat pump reverse cycle heating and cooling with electronic defrost to make your RV comfortable wherever you travel.

Choose the right air con unit for your RV and stay comfortable whatever the temperature!