Terrain Loaders

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Our range of multi terrain loaders combine versatility and ease of use so you can get into all types of difficult locations. A multi terrain loader is so robust and cost effective, you’ll wish you had bought one sooner! Get the machinery you need without breaking the bank with our range below.


Make Light Work with A Multi Terrain Loader

Built for transportability, manoeuvrability, and efficiency, our multi terrain loaders are a top choice for many construction projects, at home or on the job site. At My Generator, you’ll find the Hoppt HTL350 Terrain Loader – a versatile and easy to operate machine is ideal if you want to access difficult locations such as tight access building sites, parks, large gardens, and other spots where a truck or wheelbarrow won’t cut it. The Hoppt multi terrain loader is powered by a Honda GS160 engine and is built with interchangeable two- or four-wheel drive. It can climb slopes up to an angle of 30 degrees and comes with a bucket and flat tray so you can get started on your jobs immediately without needing extra accessories. Want to make light work of your construction jobs? Buy a multi terrain loader from our store today.