Caravan Stoves

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Create a true home away from home with a caravan stove. No need to limit your cooking options when you can prepare your favourite meals, just as you would at home.

We hand-pick a wide range of caravan stoves to suit every type of traveller and RV. With best-in-class Dometic and Thetford products on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your kitchen space.

Designed for the Road

Caravan stoves might be more compact to fit into smaller spaces. But they still have all the features you need to whip up a tasty dinner.

All the caravan stoves in our online store have been designed specifically for RV use. So they can fit into standard caravan spaces, as well as withstand vibrations and bumps while travelling. Some also come with a toughened safety glass lid, automatic shut off device, and more.

Gas, Electric and Alcohol Caravan Stoves

Not sure which caravan stove to choose? Compare the gas, electric and alcohol models in our online store.